Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons
Jak the reaper, the most powerful of the Reapers, is the weilder of Lucifer's Scythe. But he is not an ordinary Reaper. He only reaps the souls of the most powerful beings in different universes. Do you want to know what beings?

The Tales of Jak the Reaper
He takes their dead souls and leaves.




Someone has probably asked a certain question. What is this question you ask? Well, it goes like this. "What happened after Nicodemus Zamoran was reborn, but before he became the Lord of Weapons?" The answer to that question is here.


Nicodemus' story before he was a god.
In Driss, many wars and battles have been fought for peace. The battle of the heavens has ended and the group of warriors has gone home. Strangely enough, their struggles are not over yet. Some new enemies have come and some old enemies have arisen. Now, the heroes have to fight for their very lives. But will they survive?

Random Encounter #4-II ~ Aftermath

Coming soon.
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