Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons
This is Nicodemus Zamoran. I am plotting to take over the world using my Random Encounters! Refer to that for more info ------------------------->>>>>

In other news... Hell yeah has just been expressed for this site has been built and is progressing. So far, there are a total of 4 Random Encounters already written and there are 8 more planned. So read them, or else!


07/17/2010 11:14pm

I'm ZeroFan1, but Nic knows me as DreadnoughtDT. So yeah, I'm the co-author for some of these.

I also know just the right place to find disturbing images, for all y'all who don't do what we ask. >:3

Arconis N.
07/27/2010 10:20pm

I know you, but you might not know me.

(BTW i am one of the authors)

07/28/2010 8:36am

Great stories guys you'd better keep them coming. lol
On another note I also know Nicodemus and Zerofan1, and they know me from a forum.

Zeron Akchi "King of Hades"
09/30/2010 2:41pm

So we are gods now. Thats good brother!!!! Soon the world will know all about me and my origins. We play the greatest part in the Destined. Farewell and good luck!!!!

07/16/2012 11:36am

good post


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