Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons

Authors: ResaMoon and Nicodemus Zamoran

Chapter 1

Ah yes, London England. Good ol' England, Resa's favorite place to visit any time of year. But today, she came just to chill out and check out the Museum. It was something past 1 A.M. and Resa didn't care. Shifting her backpack, she flashed herself through the glass doors, and walked through the place until she came into Roman Exhibit. She walked around, looking for some things that belonged to her. She same across some of her sister's things, a few of her brother's stuff... AHA! There it was!


Carefully, she picked up the silver hair pin. It was rusted now, but she remembered when it used to glimmer in the sunlight. It used to have a glass rose on it. Her father gave it to her for her 9th birthday. She never took it off... Well, the day she left for Greece was the last time she wore it. She looked at it again, then placed it back down.


Gods only knew how much she missed her father... Well, the father that took her in.


Sighing, she started walking again. During her walk, she came across Jupiter's statue. Resa looked at it for a moment... Was that not the same one outside her bedroom...?


"Hello, Resa." It spoke.


Rolling her eyes, Resa snapped: "That was funny 15 thousand years ago, Apollo. Now it just ticks me off."


"And to believe you were really fun then too." He shot back as he came out of the statue, dressed in a black shirt, blue jeans, a black trench coat, and a pair of white Nike shoes, his short black hair spiked, his face cleanly shaven. About time too.


She had to admit, he was pretty handsome. But then again, looks don't have brains. He acted like a five year old. But on top of that... She married a complete asshole. The wedding was wonderful, might she add. She stood in front of Aphrodite and everyone else as she said, "I do", when in a short faced reality, she wanted to hang herself. The only person who she didn't see at her wedding was her father. Humans weren't allowed near Apollo's temple during the wedding. Oh the nightmare. Then five years after that, he killed her! Oh wonderful and devoted husband he was!


And now here she stood, 15 thousand years later, putting up with a complete and total dick.


Resa quickly snapped out of her fingers, quickly changing into something Apollo would approve of. A nice white dress top, with short sleeves, with a red belt around her waist, dark wash jeans, with black flats, her straight brown hair curled, showing her face and the lovely green eyes she had, and her backpack became a purse. She walked up to him, then gave him a kiss.


They started walking in complete silence. Resa hated it, and Apollo knew it. She had to break it.


"What brings you here?" Resa asked, knowing something had to be up. Apollo never visited the Human Realm without cause.


"I was just about to ask you the same thing."


"Want to hear from me first, then? Fine." Resa cleared her throat. "I was sick being cooped up in that bedroom.’Cause, you know, I've been trapped there for a week."


"And here I thought you liked my room." Apollo acted offended.


"It could use a makeover, really."


"You're really sassy tonight." He pointed out. "What's your problem?"


As IF she wasn't sassy with him every night. Is he just clueing into that NOW?  "Like I said, I needed out." And away from you.


"Then you won't mind me joining you then. I'd like some more time with my wife." He said smoothly.


POP! The rest of Resa's social life just went out the window. Hey, jackass! What was last week used for then? She thought to herself. "But love, I thought that last week was for us to catch up. I mean, me being locked up in your bedroom with you for a whole week must've meant something."


"Oh, that, yeah, beck n' call really."


Resa's blood began to boil. "Of course it was." She said out loud.


"What, angry are we, dear?" He eyed her.


"What? Me, mad at you?" Sarcasm was obvious in her tone. "How can I be? You're just hard to stay mad at... Even after you killed me and my brother and then tricked me when I was with Hades and Rysia to drink your blood, which brought me back to life."


His gaze narrowed on her. "You're not funny, you know?"


"Oh, I know, but my Hunters say otherwise."


Now, he looked as though he wanted to choke her. That made Resa smile. They continued to walk through the exhibit. When they walked passed Resa's father, she stopped and walked up to him. She reached into her purse and pulled out a red rose. She gently placed it at the feet. She looked at her father's statue then closed her eyes, remembering his kindness. She remembered all the times he took her travelling. But most of all, she remembered the look on his face when he left her in Greece for Apollo. Tears misted her eyes.


"What's this?" Apollo asked, watching her the whole time.


"It's nothing you'll understand." She replied, wiping her eyes, returning to his side.


He looked at her, then shrugged. "Whatever."


Their walk continued, until they came back to the door. Apollo stopped, but Resa walked forward. "You’re not going out THERE, are you?"


Resa smiled to herself as she turned to face him. "I have to meet Acheron and a few of the Hunter's at Scanuatry. Will I see you at home?" she asked.


"Of course you will. And don't wait three days to return home either. I want you home  before dawn." He replied as he walked over to her and gave her a kiss. "No later. Or you'll regret it." Then he vanished.


"No later." She mocked, before she returned to what she was doing before. Resa's smile was huge as she left the Museum. "I miss you, Dad." She said out loud before she flashed herself out the doors, and headed down the street towards the Pub known as Scanuatry.




Resa let the doors behind her slam, as she entered the bar. She scanned the bar, until she saw her Twin and a few Dark Hunters sitting at table, playing a game of poker. She walked over to join them. She pulled a seat over and looked at them. "Re-shuffle boys. I want in."

"After this, sis." Acheron replied as he played out his last hand. "Okay. There." He looked at her. "Where the hell have you been all evening?"

"Just out and about. Nothing to worry about really." She shrugged as she leaned back in her chair. "Sorry to worry you Ash."

"Meh, with Apollo again?"

"Truth be told, I'm surprised that he allowed me out of the bedroom, to tell you a truth." She sighed.

"Is he really that bent on having another son?" Talon, the Celt, asked.

"Oh, you have no idea, Talon." Resa said, sighing again.


As the group played cards, a man entered the bar. He had short black hair, a black shirt, black jeans, and black shoes. He also wore a black cloak with intricate designs in blood red thread along with a strange necklace. The necklace was made of alternating black and white chain, with two dragons, also black and white, intertwined. He seemed to be 18, and his eyes were a deep blue. He strode to the bar, asking for a glass of whiskey.


"You guys want a drink?" Resa asked as she stood up. Everyone told her what they wanted. She walked over to the Bar, and looked at Amiee and Dev who were standing behind the counter. "Hey, guys."

"Allo, Mrs. Moon. What can we get you?" Dev asked. Resa gave him the long order of drinks. She then noticed a guy standing next to her.

"Um, hi, never seen you here before." She replied.


He turned to her, a kind expression on his face. “My name is Nicodemus Zamoran. I just came here from my… travels.” He said as he held out his hand.


"Resa Moon." She took his hand. "You’re not a Dark Hunter are you?" she asked him.


“No, Miss Moon. Why do you ask?” Nic asked, a slight smile on his face.


"Because this is a Hunter's bar only sort of deal." She smirked.


“My apologies. I had no idea.” He set some money on the bar to pay for his glass of whiskey, then turned to leave, but stopped. “I wonder, what sort of mischief has Apollo been up to?”


"Excuse me?" Resa glared at him. "Why do you dare speak of my husband that way?"


“Because,” Nic said as he turned to face her again, “I know he killed you, as well as your brother.”


How is that even possible? Nobody but she, Apollo, her brother, and the other Gods know. "Who are you?"


“As I told you, I am Nicodemus Zamoran. To most, I am known as the Lord of Weapons. To some, I am the Hellslayer Knight. To far fewer, I am known as Jak the Reaper.” Nic said in a low tone.


"...You’re a God?" She replied small voice.


“Not of this universe.” Nic said, his eyes switching rapidly to a dark green, then black, and back to deep blue.


"Time traveler, eh?" she smirked. "I'm Thalassa, the Atlantean Goddess of Light, Darkness, Life and Death." she said in a low voice. "But please, call me Resa. I can't stand Thalassa."


“Well, Resa, I am a god of weaponry, in a sense, but not a time travel. I do, however, travel to different universes.” Nic stated.


“Hmm, same thing to me, really." She smirked.


“Well then, we have a few things in common.” Nic said with a smile.


"Oh do we?" Resa asked, noticing her brother walking up to them. "Hey, Ash. I'm just waiting on Dev..."

"I can see sis." He replied, then looked at Nicodemus. "And who are you?"


“My name is Nicodemus Zamoran. It is a pleasure to meet you,” he said as he held out his hand, “Acheron.”


"It's Ash, please. Not Acheron." He took his hand. As he did so, he checked out the future with Nicodemus. It was blank. Acheron didn't like that.

"Please don't mind my brother." Resa said quickly. "He just got married recently, and he and Tory are trying to find some place decent to live. Marriage stress bites."

Ash looked at Dev who handed him a tray of glasses. He quickly took it and left.


Nic looked after Acheron. “Do you plan on telling him what I know?” He asked casually.


"He probably already knows, knowing him." Resa sighed. "How do you know about Apollo and I? Our Marriage has been... A secret for a long time."


“I know you because of your weapon.” Nic said, glancing at her.


"My... Weapon?" She looked confused. "My Twin Swords?"


“I said I was known as the Lord of Weapons. That is not merely a title. With the power of the Lord of Weapons, I know all about the various weapons that exist in the universes, as well as those that wield those weapons. I know that you got it from your father’s temple and that it protects you from Apollo. I know that you have been around for many millennia, and that you don’t actually love Apollo.” Nic said.


Resa smirked. "Wow, you are good. Yeah, but don't tell anyone." she said as she put a finger to her lips. "Nobody needs to know that Apollo and I don't get along."


“I understand perfectly.” Nic said with a smile.


"He's a dick." She sighed. "I’m sure if I was still in Atlantis, I'm positive I would've married whomever I wanted."


“There is always a way to get out of a marriage.” Nic said.


"Yeah, and I really don't feel like putting up with Aphrodite to be truthful." She shook her head. "Is there any way we can get off the talk of marriage?"


“Why not introduce me to the others over there?” Nic asked as he gestured to the table that Resa had vacated earlier.


Resa smiled. "Sure."
The two of them walked over, so Resa could introduce Nic to the others. "Hey guys this is Nic. He's another Hunter." She lied quickly, glancing to her brother who shrugged her off.

"Hey." The all said in unison, smiling at Nic.

"So, the blond hair guy who looks like a Celt is Talon. Kryian, the dark haired idiot. Ash, you already know. Then we have my servant, Urain."


"Servant? Yeah, yeah Honey." Urain rolled his eyes.

"This is the crew. We're still waiting on Alexion and a few others." She said to Nic.


“Would that be them?” Nic asked, gesturing the group of people who had just entered the bar.


“Yeah, that's them." Resa nodded to the short blond hair guy, with a woman hanging off his arm. "Alexion, this Nic. Nic, this is Alexion and his wife Danger."

"We hate to break up the party guys." Danger's French accent chimed. "But we have a few Diamons running around on the street."

The table of men quickly rose to their feet. "Show us where."


Nic smiled to himself. Finally, some action. He thought. “Mind if I help?”


The boys were out the door in a matter of seconds. Leaving Resa and Nic behind. "As long as you can keep up." She replied, rushing out the doors.


Nic rushed after them, quickly catching up. He kept pace with Resa. “So, tell me about the Diamons.”


"Their like Vampires. They feed from humans.... How fast are you?" she asked.


“A lot faster than this.” He said with a slight smile.


"Good, because Dark Hunters usually have the a little more speed then the Diamons. The Diamons are my mother's creation, gone wrong." She sighed as they arrived, the boys fighting two Diamons at a time.


Resa looked at the tall looking human-like thing with fangs. It turned around, its blue eyes glowing, and its blond white hair stood out. Its pale body moved towards her. Resa pulled out a small white dagger, throwing it into its chest. It busted into gold dust. "Ahaha, that was too easy."


Nic stopped beside Resa, two swords appearing in his hands. One was black with runes carved into the hilt. The other was white with runes carved into the blade. “They won’t be much of a challenge.” He said as he charged forward, decapitating two immediately.


"So you think," She threw a small dagger at one coming at them. It turned into dust. She turned around, one running for her and her sword entered the Diamons’ chest. "Oh, I hate you guys."


Nic cracked his neck as two more of the Diamons cautiously circled him. As they charged forward, trying to attack him, he jumped into the air, throwing his swords at the two as he flew upwards. The blades sunk into their chests, slicing cleanly through the flesh, and jutted out of their backs. As Nic landed, the two turned to dust.


Talon and Alexion took down two, stabbed them, and they turned to dust. Acheron and Resa looked at each other. Reading each other's thoughts, they stood there, their eyes glowing, and the rest of them turned to Dust. "That was easy." they said in unison.


Nic’s swords vanished as he turned around, his eyes a gentle blue. “Quite the easy battle. You made it sound like they would be a challenge.” He said, walking to her.


"To tell you the truth, it gets a lot worse." Resa said. "We usually fight.... More then a 100 of them."


“A hundred, you say? That would be an interesting battle,” Nic said, smiling. “I doubt they would be much of a challenge for you, considering that last attack of yours.”


Acheron and Resa looked at each other. "Practice really." They said.

Acheron sighed. "Resa, that reminds me, we need to speak later."

Resa nodded. "Got it. Later. But let’s head back to the Pub to have a few drinks."


Acheron smirked. "Alright everyone, you heard the lady, back to the pub."


Nic walked beside Resa on the way to the pub. “How often to the Diamons attack, if I may ask?”


"Every night." She replied. "There my mother's army gone wrong, they were suppose to help my Hunters, until Styker got a hold of them, and now they work for him, rather than me."


“Hmmm. How exactly did he cause them to change who they follow?” Nic asked.


"Never figured that out, really." She sighed. "Might have..." She stopped and shook her head. "Never mind, it doesn't matter."

They entered the bar, and took their seats, getting back to what they were doing before.


Nic smiled slightly. “Then I would say it is time to find out.” He said, then turned and started walking for the door. As he reached it, he turned and looked back. “You shall see me again soon.” He said, then walked out.