Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons

Authors: Nicodemus Zamoran and DreadnoughtDT

Mortal ~ Chapter One

DT sighed, bored out of his mind. The pencil in his hand refused to take the notes that were being given, considering he never needed to do so anyway. He always remembered enough to pass his tests. He looked at the teacher, still flapping her old gums and yammering on about nothing interesting. DT looked over to Nic and nudged him. "Look at Klayborne's nose." He muttered. "Looks like a freaking hawk. I think we should call her "The Hawk" from now on."

Nic smiled at the joke. He was leaning back in his chair, the hand flying across the page as he copied down the notes without even looking. “Certainly fits her, especially since she also act like one.” He whispered, his lips barely moving. He glanced at DT. “My parents got me a couple brand new motorcycles the other day. Wanna try them out after school?”

DT nodded. "I'm up for that. Sounds like a lot of fun." He thought of it for a few moments. The sun out on a bright day, not a cloud in sight, roaring in a prairie with the wind blowing through his slick black hair... It would be awesome.

The bell rang, cutting off the teacher mid sentence. “Finally.” Nic said as he put his book back into his black bag.

DT got up out of his seat quickly and grabbed his backpack. "Took long enough." He muttered distastefully.

“I wonder when she will remember that homework she gave us two days ago.” Nic whispered conspiratorially to DT as he also got up and started to head for the door.

DT smiled. "Hopefully never. I didn't even start it yet." He said in a tone that seemed to say "I don't really care, actually."

“Remember last time she forgot? Took her a month to remember.” Nic said. They had just exited the room and entered the not so crowded hallway. “Let’s get rid of these bags before we leave.” Nic said as he walked towards his locker. Each locker was painted a different color and assigned to the students. Nic was the only one, however, to have a black one. 

DT walked to his locker, conveniently placed right next to Nic's. Admittedly, he was slightly jealous of Nic for having the only black locker in school. It was the thing everyone wanted, if only for the rights to say "I have the black locker". DT was happy with his blue one for the time being, but he couldn't help feeling jealous. "Yeah, she takes forever for that kind of stuff." He said, a laugh in his tone.

“And the only time she remembered that one was because Henry reminded her.” Nic said as he slammed his locker closed. “This time, I don’t think anyone will mention it.”

DT nodded. "Oh, definitely. The last time she was reminded, only two of us had actually finished it because we thought she'd never remember." He rolled his eyes. "The hissy fit she pitched was pretty funny, though."

“And then she gave us double homework for a week, which she never remembered to pick up.” Nic chuckled. He leaned against the locker and looked at DT. “It’s amazing that they haven’t fired her yet.”

DT laughed quietly. "Yeah, I know. Plus she's freaking blind... Remember when she was having trouble figuring out who I was when she forgot her glasses one day?" He chuckled. "Oh, god... I couldn't stop giggling that day."

Nic continued to smile, his eyes a light shade of blue. “Yeah.” He pushed off from the lockers and started down the hall, DT walking beside him. “Let’s go home and try out the motos while we have time.” He said, excitement in his voice.

DT nodded. "Oh, hell to the yeah! I also wanna walk home." He smiled. "Of course, we always do that anyway, so why did I even say it?"

“Just to say it.” Nic said as he pushed open the door and came face to face with Jessica.

Jessica smiled at Nic and then looked at DT, blushing slightly. "Um... Hi DT... I was just wondering if... Um... Uh..." She trailed off, not seeming to know what to say.

DT laughed. "An admirer? Sorry, no autographs." He closed his locker and smiled. "I would love to talk, I really would, but I have a tight schedule. See you around." He turned to Nic and gave him a "let's go" signal.

Nic walked around her. “Maybe next time.” He whispered in her ear as he passed by. The two then started walking into the parking lot. “So, which way do we go today? The generic route, or the backwoods?” Nic asked, already knowing the answer.

DT smiled. "Backwoods, of course. You know I wouldn't have it any other way." He walked slightly faster. "Besides, it's faster... And..." He smiled deviously. "It's the perfect place for a race.”

Nic laughed. “Yeah. We are tied 2-2. Let’s see who can make it to three first.”

DT smiled. "You remember the starting point, right? After there, that's when we run." He rubbed his hand together. "I'm gonna win this time. You know how competitive I am."

Nic pulled out a strange coin. It was old and had strange runes carved into it. “Why don’t we let fate decide this.”

DT thought for a moment. "Y'know what? Fine by me." He smiled and nodded. "I have a feeling fate's on my side."

Nic smiled. “Well then, let’s go.” He pulled his hand back and then threw the coin along the path, hard enough for it to land at the end. He then started running.

DT took off running, his feet hammering hard on the ground. He bent over and slammed his hands on the ground, flipping him over and sending him ahead of Nic by a good distance.

Nic smiled and started to run, only his toes touching the ground, yet propelling him forward. He caught up to DT quickly. They were halfway down the track when three guys walked out of the trees, hoods obscuring their faces.

DT skidded to a stop and looked at the three guys. "Um... Can we help you?" He said, obviously a bit annoyed that these guys interrupted the tiebreaker. Nic stopped as well and looked at them suspiciously, his eyes now a soft grey.

One guy took a step forward. "Yeah, you can." He said, his voice had a hint of anger in it. "First, we're gonna kick your asses. Then we're gonna take your necklace." He pointed at DT's large brass and onyx cross necklace. "Would fetch a pretty penny, I think.”

Nic smiled. “So, Brad, you thought that by bringing your buddies along would help you beat us.“ He glanced at DT. “If you want his necklace, come and get it.”

DT cracked his knuckles. "Boy, this is gonna be fun." He said, smirking deviously.

The guy that Nic had addressed as Brad charged forward with a punch aimed at DT's face while the other two guys ran at Nic. DT crouched down, making Brad miss the punch and trip over DT's prone body. "Gonna have to do better than that!" He said mockingly.

Nic started bouncing lightly on the balls of his feet. “Let’s see if you guys can keep track.” He said. He Faced one of them, his body turned to the side. He jabbed at the guys stomach, making him bend over, then struck his face. As he jerked up again, Nic jumped into the air, spun, and kicked the guy in his solar plexus, knocking him unconscious. As he landed he turned on the other one.

Brad got back up and charged at DT again, obviously not learning his lesson. DT pulled his hand back and with a force rivaling Nic's kick, punched Brad in the temple, knocking him unconscious right away.

The third bully reached into his pocket and pulled out a switchblade. He charged at DT with it, aiming to stab him in the stomach. DT moved out of the way and stomped on his foot, then punched him in the gut hard, making him drop the knife and stumble waywardly in Nic's direction.

As the guy bent over and clutched his gut, Nic kneed him in the face. He jerked up holding his nose and Nic unleashed a barrage of punches to his gut, then grabbed him and slammed him onto the ground.

“Well, that was fun.” Nic said. He picked up the knife and threw it into a tree, the blade sinking all the way to the handle.

DT tugged at the knife, making sure it was stuck. "Oh, he's gonna have a fun time getting that out." He said, laughing a bit. "Nothing like a little bit of ass whooping to round out your day, eh Nic?"

Nic nodded. "Yes, it is always refreshing to teach those guys a lesson." He said as he started to walk down the path. "Wanna grab some pizza while we are riding?"

DT nodded. "Dude, you just read my mind." He said as he walked with Nic. "Y'know, it's days like these that a little relaxation is kinda needed."

Nic laughed. “And by relaxing, you mean breaking someone’s bones. I think I may have broken that guys nose. I wanna know what he comes up with to hide the fact that he got his ass beat.”

DT smiled deviously. "Probably some lame excuse like 'Um, I broke it in football practice' or some dumb crap like that." He picked up a stick that was on the ground and swung it a couple times to judge it's weight. "Have you ever used a sword, Nic?" He asked randomly.

“Only in training. My parents drill me every morning, remember? At least they also give me some awesome things, like the motorcycles.” Nic said as he casually walked beside DT. “You are gonna love ‘em.”

DT smiled. "Oh, I bet I will." He thought for a moment. "I gotta show you my sword sometime. It was a gift from my grandfather, just like my necklace. It's pretty damn awesome." He took a deep breath. "But the motorcycles are pretty close on the awesome scale already." He said with a smirk.

“Just wait until you see them. You haven’t seen any like this before. My parents spent a good amount of money to get these specially made.” Nic said, grinning at the thought of the two bikes.

DT nodded. "Am I gonna faint from the awesomeness?" He asked jokingly. "Cuz I don't want to have to have you do CPR on me."

“I won’t give you CPR. I do what my uncle Steve taught me. FTN” Nic laughed.

DT laughed. "Good to know!" He said in between laughs. "Well, I suppose I'm in good hands then."

Nic smiled. “I won’t let you die, buddy. Promise.” He stopped walking and bent down to pick up the coin that he had thrown. “Look at that, a tie.” He said as he laughed.

DT smiled. "Guess it's 3 to 3 now." He said, moving some of his long hair out of his eyes. "God, I should stop using this anime hairstyle." He said jokingly. "It's just not working for me."

“It defines you. It screams ‘I’m badass and I know it!’” Nic said as they continue walking.

DT brushed another couple wayward hairs out of his face. "You think so? No wonder that girl Jessica likes me so much."

“Yeah. She probably has your picture somewhere. Heck, I think half the girls in school have your picture stashed somewhere.” Nic said, grinning.

DT laughed and nudged Nic. "You're not too bad looking yourself, y'know. Don't be so modest." He grinned. "But you have a point. I mean, I'm dazzling, ain't I?" He said, striking a pose.

Nic laughed. “Look out, ladies. Casanova is on the loose!” He said jokingly.

DT snickered. "Indeed he is. Like a wolf that stalks it's prey." He got down on all fours and snarled. "Watch out, women! I'm on the loose!"

Nic laughed harder. "Down boy. We don't want them getting flees, do we?

DT faked a whimper. "D'aww.... Okay, fine." He huffed and looked away from Nic, then looked back with a grin. "Of course, I have to oblige. I don't want the ladies suffering endless nights, scratching their scalps off." He said with a laugh in his tone, getting up again.

The path ended as they walked onto the sidewalk. “Almost there. Come on, we can run from here.” Nic said as he broke out in a run. The houses all seemed the same, but Nic’s house was the only two story house on the block.

DT ran after Nic, laughing. "Why do you always do that when I'm not ready?" He asked as he ran.

“To try to keep you on your toes!” Nic called over his shoulder. The two ran along the sidewalk until they reached Nic’s house. He walked up to the garage and opened the door. As usual, his parent’s black Lamborghini was parked on the left, but on the right where two slick motorcycles, unlike any other*. Futuristic looking, yet perfectly real. One was a blood red while the other was a shiny blue. Nic went over to a table and grabbed a couple of helmets. “Here you go.” He tossed the blue one to DT and placed the red one on his head.

DT put the helmet on his head and smiled. "Glad I got a license for this kind of stuff." He said, mounting the bike. "It's really comfortable. You don't ever see that on cycles these days." He said. "Can't wait to drive it."

“Yeah, but then again, you don’t see cycles like these.” Nic said as he mounted his own. “By the way, there is a mic and speaker in the helmet so we can communicate. Put ‘em in yesterday.”

DT smiled. "How thoughtful." He said through the helmet's mic. He closed the visor and walked the bike out of the garage. "Time to kick it into high gear." He said and revved the engine

Nic also walked his bike out of the garage. He let down the kickstand and got off to close the garage door. “Let’s ride.” He said as he climbed back on and started the bike. He revved the engine, the shot off down the drive, taking a quick right turn.

DT sped off with Nic, matching his speed. "Damn, this thing rides smooth!" He said through the mic. "Your parents are freaking godsends."

“Yeah. Let’s go to the track, show off the bikes.” Nic said as he sped up, going slightly over the speed limit, but not enough to get into trouble. “The other riders will probably be jealous.”

DT sped right alongside Nic. "Oh, hell yeah." He said in a mock evil tone. "This'll be awesome."

“I think there is a few races today. Team races. Wanna join?” Nic said as he sped around a left turn. “I hear they are giving out a few hundred bucks work of equipment.”

DT’s eyebrows went up. "Did you honestly think there was even a minute chance that I’d refuse?" He asked deviously.

“Had to ask, pal.” Nic said. “Call Jake.” He said into the mic and activated the voice activated cell phone.

Jake picked up a few seconds later. “Hello?”

“Jake, this is Nic. Enter me and DT into the races today. And be sure to bet on us.” Nic said and hung up.

DT smiled. "So, guess we're deadset on winning, eh?" He cracked his neck. "I figured as much."

“These things get up to 300mph easily. The race will be a piece of cake.” Nic said.

DT whistled. "300? We're winning." He said, dead sure of himself. "And the way these things handle, 300 is gonna feel like 10 for us."

They turned right one last time and a large race track came into view. Motorcycles of all kinds where there, scattered around the field. Most of them where setting up at the starting line. “Looks like we are right on time.” Nic said as they drove onto the field without slowing down. “Let’s get on the end.” He said, driving toward the last two spots in line.

DT drove right next to Nic. "Look at all these old junkers." He said to Nic. "Some of these things are practically falling apart."

Nic glanced at the other bikes. “Yeah. It looks like this one will be simple.” All the other contestants were looking at Nic and DT, all except one. He wore a black motorcycle jacket, black gloves, dark blue jeans, and his face was obscured by his black helmet. His bike looked old, but powerful. “Looks like we may have some real competition with that guy.” Nic said.

DT nodded. "That guy's got some horsepower... That's an old Harley-Davidson. Hard to come by, but really powerful stuff."

Nic felt something then, a strange sense of déjà vu. He stared at the man, and as if he could sense that stare, turned his head and looked at Nic. His visor was tinted, so his face was invisible, but his eyes were clear as they glowed red. He turned and looked forward again. Nic also looked forward, that strange feeling still there. “I think I know that guy from somewhere. I don’t know where, but I can’t help feel as though I met him before.”

DT shivered. "That guy's eyes give me the creeps." He muttered. "And why do you know a guy like that? He's just... Weird." He took a deep breath. "I hope we can beat him."

“I don’t know. I just can’t shake the feeling that I have met him before.” He shook his head. “Forget it. Let’s just focus on the race.”

DT nodded. "That's what we came here for, right?" He said, and smiled. "We're gonna get that top prize. Even Scary McGlowyeyes can't stop us."

A gunshot signaled the start of the race. Each competitor shot forward, their bikes roaring loud enough to be deafening. However, Nic, DT, and the stranger pulled ahead of the rest. “We got 200 laps. Let’s see how long this guy can keep up.” He said to DT as he accelerated to 250, which the man matched, but went no higher. “I think he wants to play with us.”

DT stayed with Nic, keeping at the same speed. "Well, if he wants to mess around, then let's mess around." He revved his engine, challenging the mysterious man. "C'mon, watcha got?"

The stranger seemed oblivious to DT, but instead focused entirely upon Nic. “This guy is seriously creepy. I think he only wants to go against me.”

DT scoffed. Well that's BS. He thought. Obviously he doesn't know about my heritage... But neither does Nic. He sighed. "Fine, have your little game then. I'll win the race for us." He raced ahead, overclocking the bike's engine at 320 MPH.

Nic glanced over at the stranger, his feeling of déjà vu getting stronger. He turned back to the road and sped up, going at an even 350, yet the man matched his speed. “Damn, what is this guy’s problem?!” Nic said.

DT jumped as the two overtook him. "How is he going so fast with such an old bike?!" He shouted, surprised. He gunned the engine, keeping up with them. "Nic, he's baiting you! Can't you tell?"

Nic smiled at the comment. “Then if he wants to play, let’s crank this up.” He pushed the bike to 500, reaching maximum speed before the bike would start to overheat. Yet again, the man caught up to Nic, but with more trouble than before. “Damn…” he muttered. He then looked at the biker and was surprised to see him looking back at him, his glowing eyes staring hungrily at Nic.

DT muttered to himself. "My god this guy's annoying..." He grumbled and revved hard, going to 500 and catching up with Nic. "We gotta end this soon." He said to Nic. "That guy is seriously weirding me out."

“Yeah…” Nic said, his voice distant. The biker reached up and gripped his helmet, the pulled it off and tossed it away, revealing his face. His skin was a wrinkled black and his dirty blonde hair was hanging in his face. His yellowish teeth were sharp enough that one could imagine just what this guy ate. “What the hell?!?” Nic cried.

DT blinked once, then again when the man's monstrous visage didn't go away. His skin was pale and strangely out of place, as if someone has laid a sheet of skin on him, stretched it, and then stitched it shut. He took a deep breath. If I don't do something... He thought. I may lose my friend. But if I DO do something, I have an equal chance at losing him...

Nic instinctively knew that this thing had to be killed somehow. He hit the brakes, skidding to a halt as the man mimicked his action. The crowd, finally able to see what had been going on, screamed as they saw the man’s face, yet they did not leave their seats, stunned by what they had seen. Nic climbed from his bike as well, pulling off his helmet as he did so.

DT stopped right next to Nic and stepped off. He ripped his helmet off forcefully and threw it at the demonic man, then held his arm out to his side to stop Nic from moving. "I need to do this. I've kept the truth from you for too long."

Nic’s eyes turned black and he strode forward, pushing past DT as though he wasn’t there. He stopped directly in front of the man and stared into his red eyes. The man reached towards Nic’s neck, but before it touched him, Nic punched him, sending him flying back. Nic’s demeanor changed as he charged towards the man. “Death has come for you.” He said in a strange accent as he grabbed the man and pulled him off the ground by his neck, then he snapped the man’s neck with a quick twist and let him drop to the ground. Nic blinked a few times as his eyes changed to grey.

DT's jaw dropped. "His power is not that of a human..." He muttered. "It is far greater... Greater than even mine..."

Nic was about to turn and walk away when something caught his eyes. It was as strange necklace made of a chain and a strange symbol. The chain links were alternating black and white and the symbol was of two interlocking dragons, one white and the other black. “What is this?” Nic said to himself as he bent down and picked it up. It seemed familiar to him, like it belonged to him. He glanced up at the crowd. They gasped, but not at Nic, but at the man. He started to turn to dust and his motorcycle fell apart. Nic walked back to DT. “I think we should go.”

DT nodded. "Damn... I wanted that guy's bike... Well, crap happens. Let's go." He turned away, trying to hide his fear and probably failing. Nic had a sense for things like that.

As they walked back to the bikes, Nic looked at the necklace in his hands, and after some debating, put it around his neck, the cool metal feeling comfortable against his bare skin. He picked up his helmet, put it on, and then climbed on his motorcycle.

DT was shaken from the disturbance. He walked right past his bike. "Sorry Nic." He called over his shoulder. "I can't ride. Too messed up right now..."

Nic looked at DT. “At least to the parking lot. We need to get these off the track and out of the way.” He said, a strange feeling coming over him. He felt lightheaded, his body going numb, and the world going grey. He shook his head and the world came back to him, the numb feeling passing.

DT sighed. "Alright, but if I crash into something... It's going on your head." He picked up his helmet and mounted the bike.

Nic nodded, then turned and started his bike. How did I kill that guy and what was he? He asked himself as he drove off the track, DT close behind him.

DT let out a sigh of relief. I'm so glad Nic was able to handle it... He thought. I would've revealed myself... My true self... To all those people...

Nic chose a parking spot in the corner of the lot and parked his bike. “We can come pick them up tomorrow. They won’t be going anywhere.” He flipped up a small panel and typed in a passcode that locked the wheels in place.

DT took a deep breath. "Good. I wouldn't want you getting them stolen." His voice seemed to lack the charm he usually had, and instead was cold and distant, like something was eating at him.

Nic climbed off his bike, then stood still a minute. He looked at DT. “Back there, before I killed that… whatever it was, you said you kept the truth from me for too long. What did you mean?” He asked.

DT looked at the ground for a moment. "I... I will tell you tomorrow." He looked Nic in the eyes. "We have to be alone when I do, though. Promise me." He sounded absolutely serious. Too serious for someone like him, almost. He was never this serious about anything, except maybe women.

Nic stared right back into those eyes. “Ok.” He said, confident that DT would tell him. He turned around and started to walk to the exit of the parking lot.

DT walked with him. "You are sure?" He said. If he had made a mistake, Nic may hate him, or be afraid of him... He had to see this through to the end now, though.

Nic glanced at DT. “You have always kept your word, no matter what. If you say you will tell me, then you will.”

DT nodded and smiled.

Motorcycles: Red : Blue