Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons

Author: ResaMoon



April 29th, 506 B.C.

The Atlantean Goddess, Apollymi, ran down the marble hall way from the Throne Room leading towards the exit. She scurried up the marble stairs to her bedroom. Screaming and yelling voices trailing behind her the whole time.

"Kill those children!!"

Apollymi couldn't believe that Achron would kill his own children just because the Fates where whispering, spreading rumors. But then again, they were Achron's children. And nothing went past Achron's ears or eyes. And at the moment, Achron's two unborn twins were at the top of the killing list. But Apollymi wasn't going to allow him to get away with this.

Her poor children... They are never going to live in peace here in Atlantis.
She should have never allowed Achron to invade her bed, if she had known this would happen. And because what the Fates said went, her children are going to pay a price no one should ever have to pay.


Slamming her bedroom door closed and locking it, she screamed out: "Xermia!!"
The Red Chronate Demon appeared, folding her wings backwards in respect, she bowed to Apollymi. "Lady Apollymi, what is wrong?" she asked, noticing the Goddess' eyes.

Quickly walking over to her dresser, she pulled out a Atlantean dagger, and looked upon the blade. Black Roses shined back at her. Apollymi looked at Xermia, and sighed, holding back tears. "They are going to kill the Twins."

"But you are the Goddess of Destruction, War and Death! Sur-" Xermia started to say, but got caught off.

"I can do nothing... Achron has the whole place under a spe-"
They were now at the door, banging, screaming, crawling their way in. Apollymi knew it was going to hold much longer.

"Take me somewhere safe..."




Hades groaned as he watched his wife pace back and forth throughout the Throne room. Seriously, she couldn't be this worried for her Aunt? And, alas, she was. Rysia had a great deal of respect for her Aunt Apollymi, but how much respect she had for her, it was beyond him. She knew her Aunt was in danger, but, there wasn't much he could to do help. This was an Atlantean matter, not a Greek.
But it seemed, he was caught in the middle of it.

"Rysia, please, take a seat, you’re going to end up making a hole in the floor." Hades replied as he walked towards her, gently laying his hands on her shoulders.
When she looked up at him, her eyes misted with tears, a sharp pain of guilt ran up through his gut. "She's my Aunt, Hades. I feel like an idiot sitting here. I have no power to do anything."

He took her into his arms, and held her close. "Rysia.. You're Aunt is strong... She'll make it out of Atlantis just fine."

"And what if she doesn't?" She began to weep again. "My..."

"Rysia, child, there is no need to worry for your Aunt." A feminine voice chimed as it entered the throne room.

Rysia looked up to find her Apollymi and her Chronate standing in the entrance way. She quickly ran over to her Aunt and hugged her. Being thankful she made it out of Altantis alright.

"We don't have time for this, Rysia." Apollymi replied, as she pushed back so she could see her. "You have the power to send my children somewhere safe. Your the only one that help me.'

Rysia looked at her Aunt, and nodded. "But what about you?"

"I will be fine. I only care about my children getting somewhere safe."

Rysia looked at her husband, then back at Apollymi. "As you wish."


Rysia's eyes began to glow a bright green. A faded blue light started to glow around her. She placed her hands on Apollymi's stomach. "One should go to Athens and the other to Rome. They should know of each other on the 19th summer-"

Suddenly, the room filled with Atlantean Guards and Achron. "Seize them both! Throw Apollymi in Karasolto! And Rysia..."

"Stay's here with me, you bastard." Hades growled, as his sword appeared in his hand.
The room filled with light, then it died away, leaving both Apollymi and Rysia weak and laying on the floor.
"Your to late, Achron." Rysia replied. "Both of them are gone."
"Both my children are safe from you, Achron." Apollymi replied, as she got to her feet. "Shall they have mercy on you, if they should ever get their God Powers. For they will have no problem murdering their father, as you had tried to murder them."

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