Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons

Author: Nicodemus Zamoran

Random Encounter #1 ~ The Mysterious Stranger

This will be rewritten in the future. Rewritten Version: Date Unknown
New York City-10:49 p.m.


The streets were silent in this area. Only a woman wearing a dark red, long sleeved shirt and blue jeans could be seen. She had auburn hair, clear blue eyes, and she looked like she was around 20 years old. It was raining as she walked home from work. It had been for a few hours now and she was soaked to the skin. I’m probably going to have pneumonia, she thought to herself. A car passed by, it’s headlights illuminating the woman…and a stranger who was just coming out of a nearby ally that she had passed. He was tall and muscular, wearing all black clothes and a ski mask. His intent was clear in his dark brown eyes. He pulled out a long, sharp knife and slowly snuck up behind the lone woman. He slipped his hand over her mouth and placed the knife against her throat.


“Keep quiet or I’ll slit your throat,” he said as he dragged her back to the ally.


After they were in the ally, he threw the woman to the ground and pinned her down with his hands around her neck. Oh god, this can’t be happening, she thought to herself as his hands tightened around her neck, squeezing her windpipe shut. He took one hand from her neck and reached down, intending to unzip his pants. Before he could do so, someone at the entrance of the ally spoke.


“Get off her,” the mysterious stranger said. The man in the ski mask looked at the man. He was silhouetted by the street lamp on the other side of the street. His cloak fluttered in the wind. The man in the ski mask felt a fear unlike any other he has ever felt before and involuntarily loosened his grip on the woman’s neck, allowing her to breathe again. She was also looking at this man, hope in her eyes.


There was a flash of lightning, illuminating him for a few seconds. He had short black hair and his eyes were a deep red. He was thin, which dispelled the feeling of fear that the man in the mask had felt seconds before.


He got off of the woman, but pulled her up by her hair, the knife on her throat again. The mysterious stranger raised his hand and the blade jerked out of his hand and flew past the stranger. The man in the mask then felt that fear again, but this time, he knew why. The stranger wasn’t normal. Who is this guy? He thought to himself. He let go of the woman and she ran past the mysterious stranger and around the corner, but stopped and looked back. The mysterious stranger was still standing there, staring intently into the ally. The man in the mask suddenly burst from the ally, aiming to punch the stranger in the face, but he dodged easily and swiftly kicked the man in the chest. As the man in the mask doubled over in pain, the stranger grabbed him and lifted him into the air. He was saying something to the man in the mask, but she couldn’t hear what was said.


“I should kill you right now, but scum like you aren’t deserving of death. You deserve something far worse.” The mysterious stranger said as he help up the masked man. Suddenly, the stranger’s eyes started to glow white and a vortex. Faint screams issued from it, sending chills down the woman’s spine. The masked man felt a cold fear as the stranger slowly moved toward the vortex. He started struggling, kicking at the stranger with all his might, but it didn’t have any affect. As he was pushed into the vortex, he saw the man’s face one last time. It would be the last face he would ever see again.


The vortex closed and all was silent again. The stranger turned his head to look at the woman. His eyes were a dark blue now, which intrigued the woman. There was a flash of light, and the man was gone, no indication that anything had happened except the knife that was lying in the street. She then turned around and started for home again, a slightly dazed look in her eyes. She would always remember this night, and she would always remember the mysterious stranger who had saved her.


The time was 11:05 p.m.