Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons

Authors: Nicodemus Zamoran and DreadnoughtDT

Random Encounter #2 ~ The Universal Struggle

In the Kingdom of Driss, many battles have been waged. The kingdom has seen many deaths, but there are warriors who stand and fight against the evil that wishes to destroy the kingdom. However, sometimes that evil corrupts even those who would stand for good, and they must be taught the error of their ways... Or die in the process. In this world, a god will fight another god, to decide the fate of his universe…


The village was silent as the residents looked up at the cloudy sky. Occasionally, one would see purple lightning within them, flashing, but nothing more. Then a large bolt of the purple lighting struck the castle on the outskirts of the village, the thunder nearly deafening the people as they ran to their homes. Meanwhile, within the castle, the Lord of Weapons stood looking out at the village from his castle. He stood in a large room, bare of decorations other than the many weapons that hung on the wall, each one different than the others. The Lord sighed, his red eyes reflected in the glass of the window. Another much brighter lightning bolt flashed. When the light faded, a human sized but clearly inhuman being was standing in the middle of the room. His body pulsed with blue veins of energy, and his hands sported razor sharp claws. His face was devoid of all detail. No eyes, no nose, no mouth. Only the five crests that began in the middle of his face and spread outwards. His most striking feature was the giant black and red arm that burst out of his shoulder, sharply contrasting his otherwise godly features.


“So you have finally come, Corbenik.” The Lord said as he turned around and faced the new being, his eyes a blood red.


Corbenik nodded. "Yes, I have. You have killed or corrupted my brothers and sisters." He raised his left hand and it morphed into a scythe, sharper than diamonds and as black as the night. "You will pay for that."


The Lord’s eyes became a brighter red as he spoke in a low tone. ”It is because you sent them to destroy the world. I couldn’t have that.” He raised his hand and the Lava Katana appeared. He pointed it at Corbenik. ”I will show no mercy.”


Corbenik pointed his scythe at the Lord of Weapons. "Nor will I. You do not understand the importance of family."


“I understand far more than you think.” The Lord said fiercely as charged at Corbenik, the katana now in both hands.


Corbenik slashed his scythe in a wide arc, the blade shimmering in the dim light. "You understand little. One who knows nothing can learn nothing."


The Lord swung the katana to meet the scythe. As they clashed, the Lord stared intently at Corbenik. “My family has been long dead. As they grew old and died, I alone remained. You have never felt a pain such as that.” He said in a low voice, his eyes now a dark red again.


Corbenik pushed hard, knocking away the Lord's katana. "I have experienced the death of all my brothers and sisters, each one more excruciating than the last. Even now, their souls scream at me, DEMAND me to kill you so they may rest." He grabbed the Lord with his shoulder arm and squeezed hard. "I must obey them."


As the giant hand enveloped the Lord and started to close around him, he vanished in a burst of fire, scorching the hand, and appeared behind Corbenik. “You sent them against me. It is your fault that they have died. Now you will die.” The Lord said calmly as he summoned the Lava Hook Sword to his other hand.


Corbenik scoffed. "My fault they died? You are the one that killed them. I had no say in the matter of life or death." He slashed again, the blade's tip shining a bright blue.


The Lord swiftly blocked the scythe with the katana. “I may have killed them, but they wouldn’t have died if they hadn’t been doing your bidding!” The Lord said forcefully as he thrust his other sword directly at Corbenik’s heart.


Corbenik caught the blade in his hand, oblivious to the fact that it was cutting deep into his skin. "The time for talk is over." He said coldly. He yanked his scythe away from the Lord’s katana and thrust it forward, intending to decapitate the Lord.


The Lord jumped back and stared coolly at Corbenik. “Then we shall get serious.” The Lord said as his swords started to turn white.


Corbenik would have smirked if he had a face. "Serious? Why? I'm not even using half of my full strength." He opened his right hand and a brilliant blue laser shot forth towards the Lord.


The Lord dodged the laser and charged at Corbenik. ”I, also, am not using my full power!” He said.


Corbenik pulled his large, mutated arm in front of him and swung it at the Lord, attempting to knock him away. "How predictable." He muttered.


The Lord then cut the arm off using his katana. “Never expect anything,” he said as he jumped back. The Lava Hook sword disappeared and he raised his hand, “or you may suffer greatly for it.” He then shot black lightning at Corbenik.


Corbenik couldn't move, and grunted. "Ugh... Why is it that I cannot move?!" He screamed. "What did you do?!"


“I cast a stun spell on you. “ He said calmly. He jumped forward, slashing at Corbenik multiple times. “As I said, Never…. Expect…. Anything….” He enunciated each word as he attacked.


Corbenik strained and somehow managed to move his arm slowly. He raised it above his head and a bright light shone. When it faded, Corbenik was nowhere to be seen. "Where am I, Lord of Weapons?" He asked mockingly, his voice echoing.


The Lord calmly stood in the middle of the room and glanced around the room, but could not see his adversary. “A dishonorable action, Corbenik.” He said as his eyes started to glow a brilliant white.


Corbenik laughed. "Honor does not matter in a fight such as this." Several beams of light shot at the Lord from nowhere. "Now I ask again... Where am I?"


The Lord’s eyes glowed brighter than ever. “HOLY RETRIBUTION!” He shouted. He sent out a shockwave of pure light, absorbing the light rays that Corbenik had fired, and lighting up the room to reveal Corbenik hiding in a previously shadowy corner.


Corbenik put his newly reformed giant hand in front of his face, blinded. "That's new..." He muttered, surprised by the intensity of the spell.


As the light faded, the Lord slowly started walking toward Corbenik, his eyes blood red again. “As time passes, so shall you.” He said in a cryptic tone of voice.


Corbenik scoffed. "Not a chance." He teleported behind the Lord and swung his scythe quickly and forcefully.


The Lord turned around quickly, and faster than the eye could see, he cut the scythe from Corbenik’s arm and then kicked him in the chest.


Corbenik went flying into the wall, black and blue luminescent blood oozing from where his scythe had been. He slid off the wall and slumped over into an awkward position, then slowly got up. "All you've succeeded in doing," he said ominously, "is making me angry." He said that darkly as his arm began to regenerate. The arm on his shoulder merged into his regenerating arm, and it grew into a large cannon that sparked with pure, blue energy. A huge eye on his chest opened up, glowing bright blue. "This is where you die."


The Lord’s eyes flashed. “I am not the one who will die, Corbenik.” The katana vanished from the Lord’s hand and his armor started to fade, revealing his true form. Under the armor was fire in the shape of a human. “Behold, my true form.” He said as he held his right hand out to his side. The Apocalypse blade appeared and his fiery hand wrapped around the hilt.


Corbenik laughed, his voice raspy. "You don't scare me at all. You're a walking campfire. How scary is that?" He pointed the cannon at the Lord, laughing maniacally as it charged. "Now die!"


The Lord charged at Corbenik, moving faster than he had ever moved. In mere milliseconds, he was directly in front of Corbenik. He forcefully placed his hand on Corbenik’s chest. “Halo of Gaia!” A blast of pure energy fired from the Lord’s hand.


Corbenik flew backwards, firing the cannon in a haphazard direction and putting a huge hole in the wall. He growled and charged it again, this time teleporting behind the Lord, then firing.


The Lord back-flipped over the blast and Corbenik, landing behind him agilely. “Armament of Sorrow.” He said. A void opened directly above Corbenik and sharp spikes shot out of it directly at him.


Corbenik moved in time to reduce the lethalness of the spell, but one of the spikes impaled his arm, pinning him to the ground. He feebly swung his cannon trying to bat the Lord away.


The Lord jumped back, an almost invisible smile on his flaming face. “So far, Corbenik, you are the most powerful adversary that I have gone against. I will be sad to see you dead, but I will protect the universe from all those who plan on destroying it. You will die.” The Lord slowly starts walking toward Corbenik.


Corbenik ripped his arm from the spike, his arm torn in half. It grew into two new, separate arms. He stood up quickly and slashed with his newly formed claws. "I will die, eh?" He said mockingly. "Don't make me laugh!"


The Lord swung the Apocalypse blade to meet Corbenik’s claws. They both stopped as they clashed. “Doom’s Despair!” He shouts, the shadows quickly forming around Corbenik, immobilizing him. “Not even you can withstand my onslaught.”


Corbenik struggled against the restraining shadows. "It is no use. Even if you kill me, even if you put me in your stupid "between realm", I'll come back. I have the power to do so."


“No one would escape the Void without my help.” He said as he stepped closer to Corbenik. “And if you do come back, I will be here, waiting, ready to defeat you yet again.” The shadows tightened around Corbenik, reducing his ability to move even further.


Corbenik suddenly started laughing. "I am glad to have met my match before my death... If you would be so kind, kill me quickly."


The shadows vanished from around Corbenik as the Lord raised his sword. “Death is the greatest of mercies.” He said as he swung downward.


Corbenik's body fell to the ground, headless. It vanished, and a voice echoed from the entirety of the castle. "With my death... We shall be reborn..." It said, in a peaceful tone.


The Apocalypse blade vanished as the Lord’s black armor returned. “As time has passed, so have you.” He said reverently, his eyes a dull red.


A humming noise filled the room. Behind the Lord, the eight Phases appeared, their bodies renewed and their souls purged of darkness. Corbenik stepped forward. "This is our final goodbye, Lord of Weapons. We are going back to our own universe now." He laughed a bit. "If you're going to say goodbye, I'd say it now."


The Lord turned around to look at the Phases. “May your souls never wither and corrupt again.” He said. He held out his hand to Corbenik. “I am glad your soul has been purged. May this be the end of our battles, for today, and for the rest of eternity.”


Corbenik reached out to grab the Lord's hand, but started fading before he could make contact. "Well, sorry, but this meeting will be cut short." He continued to fade along with the rest of the Phases. "I thank you, Lord of Weapons." He said, just before fading completely.


After the Phases had faded completely, all was silent once more. The Lord of Weapons then looked out the window, the sky now a clear and beautiful blue. “Goodbye, Corbenik.” He said, his voice low.


The End


Images of Corbenik: First Form Second Form