Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons

Authors: Nicodemus Zamoran and The Crazy Demon

Random Encounter #3 ~ The Untold Battle

As time passed in the Kingdom of Driss, so have the many evils that have waged war against it. Most of these evils have come for one thing. The Apocalypse blade, one of the two most powerful weapons in all the universes. All who try to get it fail, for it is guarded by a powerful entity known as the Lord of Weapons. This is the chronicling of the battle between the Lord and one of these evils.


Nicodemus was sitting in the bar, his eyes a light blue, drinking the Drink*, and looking out the window. The sky outside was a clear blue, not a cloud in site. He took a sip, as he watched the people pass by the window. Things had been peaceful after Kain disappeared. Nicodemus knew that he would return, but for now, he wanted to enjoy the peace for once. As he watched, he saw the sky begin to darken as black clouds covered it in seconds. He set down his glass and stepped outside as there was a tremendously loud rumble of thunder. The clouds didn’t look normal to Nicodemus. They had a supernatural quality, causing him to wonder. Then the lightning started. A bright red bolt struck the mountain in the distance, causing a roll of thunder louder than before, causing the villagers to clasp their hands over their ears. As Nicodemus saw the lightning, his eyes changed to a blood red as he started to run toward the mountain. The villagers also saw the lightning, and they immediately ran for their homes, looks of pure terror on their faces.


As Nicodemus ran toward the mountains, a man with red armor examined him from the top of the tallest mountain, his long white hair swept aside by the wind, he smiled and laughed. He pulled out a black spear with dual heads and impaled the lower tip into the ground with one arm and laughed again. He whispered something that Nicodemus could barely hear."I have returned, and I want my prize."


Nicodemus stopped at the base of the mountain and stared at the figure at the peak. So you have returned… he thought. The lightning struck the mountain again, creating a large, black crater. Nicodemus started climbing up the mountain quickly, and within minutes he had reached the top. He regarded the evil entity with a cold gaze. “You will never obtain the blade as long as I protect it.” He said forcefully as he caught on fire. The fire slowly travelled up his body until he was completely engulfed. The fire darkened and was replaced by pure black armor. The Lord of Weapons now stood in front of Kain, his red eyes burning fiercely.


Kain stood still as his spear starting to produce a red aura, Kain smiled and looked at the Lord. He yanked the lower tip of his spear out of the ground and pointed it at the Lord, and then he pointed it to the sky."Hear me gods,” he shouted, his voice echoing throughout the kingdom, “I have come to destroy your so called `fair´ universe". Kain necklace started to emit a red aura as he raised his right hand and a fireball started to form.


The Lord also raised his hand and the Lava Katana appeared in a gout of flame. “I will never allow that,” he said in a cold voice. “It is my duty to protect the universe, and I will do so until the end of time.” He gripped the blade in both hands and charge at Kain.


Kain smiled as he held out his right hand in front of the Lord and watched as he changed the fireball to an orb of water. He released the ball and it flew toward the Lord. "Can I ask you something? Why do you want to protect something where good is corrupted?" His eyes started to shine red.


The katana that the Lord held started to glow white as he ran, and it then caught on fire. He swung the sword and sent a wave of fire at the orb of water, causing it to evaporate. He then held the katana in one hand as he summoned the Lava Hook sword in his other hand. It also turned white and caught on fire as he slashed at Kain when they reached each other.


Kain dodged the attack and stepped back."Why do you protect something as corrupt as this world, why protect the other gods that don’t even protect their own creations, leaving you to protect them?" Kain armor turned completely black and he impaled the tip of the spear in the ground again."Why do you continue to fight for this world?"


The Lord stood up straight. “It may be corrupted, and the gods who created it may have abandoned it, but I fight for the good that remains uncorrupted. I fight for those who need it. I fight for the innocent ones that remain in this world, but most of all, I fight for peace.” He said calmly, his eyes a bright red.


Kain grunted."Do you know for what I want the power of the blade? Do you know why I risk my life doing this just to be revived? I want that power to prove to other gods that their creations are stronger than them." Kain pulled the spear out of the ground and pointed it to the Lord’s castle in the distance."I fight to gain the power to destroy the rules of order and bring down the gods.”


The Lord’s swords vanished as he glared at Kain. “That is why I fight. I fight to protect others, even negligent gods. I will not allow you to gain the power you wish for.” He held out his hand and the Apocalypse blade appeared, the edge gleaming with a sinister purpose. “I will destroy you.” He said calmly as he charged at Kain.


Kain smiled."I have already destroyed and absorbed four gods and you think I would stop with you?" Kain became shadows and disappeared and reappeared in the air. His armor started to crumble to reveal his true face and his white hair, his skin turned completely black and his veins became like magma, two black angelical wings formed on his back of pure shadows, a third eye opened on his chest and two long black horns grew on his forehead. He flapped his wings and flew to a safe distance."I used to be a pathetic human, but now I am a Demi-God!"


The Lord’s eyes flashed. “I won’t allow you to do any more damage.” He said fiercely. His eyes started to glow and he raised his hand. “Doom’s Despair!” Long tendrils of darkness shot up from the ground and grabbed Kain and started to pull him down, slowly wrapping around him.’’


Kain smirked."You still don’t realize that my power comes from the darkest pit of hell." Kain spread his arms, breaking the tendrils easily. He summoned his spear, now with red lines going from the top blade to the lower blade, and a red gem on the middle."Let us end this with all our powers. This spear will take down the heavens!" Kain held his spear above his head and then pointed it at the Lord.


The Lord’s eyes flashed as the tendrils reformed. “You may have the power of darkness, but I can still hold you!” He said as his eyes glowed. There seemed to be tendrils of light like the darkness, wrapping around Kain and pulling him farther down. The Lord raised his hand. “Abysmal Destruction!” The Lord cried. The combined tendrils of light and dark became hands that reached out of a void beneath Kain. A beast of similar construct was emerging from the void. It was 5 times bigger than Kain and the Lord. Its smooth body was pitch black in some places, and bright, swirling white in others. The patterns seemed to shift and rearrange according to where the light hit its skin. Its face was smooth and featureless, and the spikes jutting from its shoulders swirled with the same black and white pattern. It roared, its voice strange and slightly metallic.


Kain looked down upon the void and monster below him. He smiled and with his free arm, threw his spear at the beast. It started to charge energy and red sparks appeared along the length of the spear."Longinus,” Kain said. The spear flew faster than before and struck the beast’s head, going all the way through to hit the ground below. Kain waved his hand and the spear flew back to him, cutting the tendrils on its way. It floated in front of Kain as he reached out to grab it.”Fight like the god you are.” He said mockingly.


The Lord’s eyes flash. “Then you shall suffer.” The Apocalypse blade vanished. “You shall see my true form. You will not withstand my onslaught forever.” He said as his armor began to fade.


"Finally!" Kain smirked and little orbs of fire, wind, earth and water started floating around him."It’s time to show you the magic of blood." Kain said as he raised his arms and a red orb formed in the palms of each hand. He placed his hands upon his chest and red runes appeared on his legs and arm."LET US FIGHT LIKE THE TRUE DEMONS WE ARE!" He shouted.


The armor vanished, revealing the Lord’s true form. His eyes were a bright white instead of their normal red as he looked at Kain. “You shall perish.” He said as the fire grew brighter. Wings of black fire sprouted from his back and he started to fly up into the air, his body now white fire**. “None survive my full power.”


Kain laughed at the Lord’s remark."I survived your lava katana close to my windpipe before, so why would I die?" The runes on Kain’s body started to glow and he held the spear firmly in his left hand, and a sword appeared in his left***. "Let us enjoy this apocalyptic battle." Kain said as he flapped his wings and charged at the Lord.


The Lord laughed. “You only survived because you ran. You left and went back to hell so that one day, you would be able to come back. This time, you won’t escape!” He yelled as he charged as well. He held pointed his hand at Kain and a strange aura engulfed it. “Nexus of Time!” A blast of pure energy flew towards Kain and engulfed him, binding him as the Lord kicked him in the chest.


Kain recovered from the kick. “And you are supposed to be the one that fights honorably?". Kain said as he thrust his sword into the Lord’s body. He started to cast a spell, his hand glowing."Dark Water." A dark liquid manifested in the glowing hand, an orb of black water that froze everything around it, even Kain’s hand. He thrust the orb of black water into the Lord’s body. "That water cannot evaporate." Kain said as he removed his sword from the Lord and using his wings to glide back from the Lord.


The Lord smiled a smile that could barely be seen. “I am fighting honorably.” He said as the water seemed to spread throughout his body. It slowly started to flow out of him through his wings. “It is time you were defeated.” He said calmly as an aura of light appeared around his right hand and an aura appeared around the left hand. “You have failed in your quest. The good will always triumph over those that are evil.”


"When I was merely a human, I survived Hell. I suffered being separated from my family for 10 years and I didn’t even age. Compared to what you have suffered, I shouldn’t be the one to be judged by God’s means." Kain raised his left hand above his head, and the spear came flying to it, red lightning flowing through it."I have nothing to lose." Kain threw the spear with all his strength, aiming for the Lord’s heart.


The auras that floated around the Lord’s hands became weapons. One was the Apocalypse blade, the other was the Infiniti blade****. The Lord swung the Infiniti blade, knocking Kain’s spear away, causing it to strike the mountain. “Ten years is nothing. I have lived far longer than you, and I have watched my friends and family grow old and die, while I alone stood, and still stand, ageless.” He said. He then charged at Kain. “Few have felt the pain that I have felt!” He said as he knocked Kain out of the air into the side of the mountain.


"I died in hell, I lost my life there, I will be never the same, and I don’t care about what happens to me. I just want to see the people free." Kain waved his hand, and his spear flew into the air and then flew towards the Lord from behind. Instead of sticking in his back, it passed through the Lord’s flaming body to impale Kain. ”If you ever see Abel again, tell him that-" Kain coughed up blood. “Tell my brother I am sorry of having turned into what he has always hated." Kain fell unconscious and the spear disappeared.


The Lord flew to the ground and landed beside Kain as he slowly changed back to normal. The wings faded and his armor reappeared as he crouched down. He picked up Kain, still alive, and carried him back to his castle and healed his wounds. He realized what he was. He realized that he was evil…. And he has changed. The Lord thought as he laid Kain in a bed and waited for him to regain consciousness in the Library.


Kain awoke. He looked around and realized he was in a bed, in the Lord’s castle. He tried to get up, and he felt a searing pain in his chest and his legs. He was wearing his normal red pants and a black belt again. When he was finally able to stand, he got up and opened the door to find that he was hall. He could see a balcony to his left. He went and looked out at the kingdom. The sun was going down, turning the clouds in the sky a light pink and orange. He looked down upon the village the he had sworn he would destroy and was happy that he didn’t do so, and he was a little sad because while he remained alive, he failed his objective and lost a part of his dark soul. In exchange, he regained his happiness. He felt emotions that he had lost over the years in hell. He felt reborn."I wonder what has happened to my brothers…" He said to himself, a tear rolling down his cheek.


“They are alive out there in the world, fighting for the good of mankind, as I have for so long.” Nicodemus said from behind Kain, his eyes a dark blue. “They do it for the same reasons that I have. Will you also fight for good?”


Kain turned around and smiled at Nicodemus, remembering all his wrong doings, the battles he fought, the people he had killed and the crimes he committed for freedom. "Yes I will. I have to pay for what I have done, and I can find another way to obtain freedom, can`t I?"


Nicodemus smiled as he looked over the kingdom that he protected. He turned to Kain. “Yes, you can. You have my friendship and blessing from this day onward, for you now know the reason I fight for the world. Go now, Kain, and fight for the power of good.” He said as he placed his hand on Kain’s shoulder. “Find your brothers and fight with them, not against them, and repay your debt to the world.”


The End


* - The Drink - A special drink created by warlocks long ago. It is better than Ambrosia, the drink of the gods, and makes anything taste better than before you drank it.

** - The Lord of Weapons: True Form - The Lord of Weapons' true form is a being of fire, sort of like the Despair Embodied from DMC2, but no horns and no wings. When the Lord of Weapons releases all his power, he turns white and sprouts wings of black fire.

*** - Sword of Kain. 1 2 3 4 5

**** - The Blade of Infiniti-The sword that Infiniti weilds. It has the same amount of power as the Apocalypse sword. The Apocalypse sword has the power to destroy universes while the Infiniti blade has the power to create them. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 

Kain's Armor - http://www.dfwiki.com/images/9/9d/SepwDoomBlade.PNG