Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons

Authors: Nicodemus Zamoran, DreadnoughtDT, and The Crazy Demon

Random Encounter #4-I ~ The Battle of the Heavens

The warriors that reside in the Kingdom of Driss have fought many battles, but not all of them have taken place within the kingdom, or even in the same plane of existence. Three warriors will now fight against the heavens themselves. When a lone angel is cast out from heaven by his brethren, he is found by the Lord of Weapons, who heals the fallen angel. The fallen angel told his story to the Lord, Seth*, a human who was changed into a lizard-human hybrid who fights for justice, and Aden**, a half angel-half demon who takes the shape of a lizard. His name was Sombra***, and he had been cast out of heaven because he would not help the angels dethrone God himself. Before the battle, Sombra lost his angelic image as darkness overtook his body, changing him into a demon, gaining the power of darkness, but still remained good. Aden discovered his demonic powers, and learned how to use them to his advantage. Now, the four warriors will go to heaven to battle against the angels and restore peace among the heavens.

Part One ~ The Arrival
The four warriors were standing within the Crypts of the Lord of Weapons*. The only way the Lord would be able to get them into heaven, would be using the only spell that could be used within this room.


Seth and Aden stood next to each other in the crypt, the red crypt doors giving off an eerie red light. Seth’s black clothes rustled as he stepped forward, a serious look on his face. "Now, how are we getting to heaven short of killing each other? I don't exactly feel like dying today."


The Lord was standing in the center of the room, red light pulsing from his hands. “This room acts as a gate way. It can open voids that will take us to any place we wish to go, including heaven.”


Sombra walked towards Aden and Seth."Knowing the Altissimus**, they have cast a spell creating a kind of black fog shrouding Heaven. The fog will drain us of our life, so I recommend we go inside, kick everyone’s ass and return here as fast as we can." Sombra punched the wall with his left hand."My desire for revenge is causing me lose control again."


Aden placed a hand on Sombra's shoulder. "Calm down. We haven't even gotten there yet. Your time will come, so I suggest that you take a few deep breaths. Meditate if you have to." He sighed and closed his eyes. "This is gonna be a long day..." He muttered.


Suddenly, the room was filled with a bright, white light. All the crypt doors turned black as the Lord’s hands emitted the blinding light. “Ianua ut Olympus!” he called. I door made of white crystals appeared in front of the Lord, giving off the same brilliant white light.


Seth shielded his eyes, the bright light causing him pain. "Dammit... Stupid super sensitive eyes..." He blinked several times until he was used to the light and stepped forward. "C'mon. The less time we spend here, the more time we spend kicking angelic ass."


Sombra covered his eyes with his arm. "Gah! I never thought I would return to heaven so soon." Sombra walked towards the door and kicked it and it flew open."So, gods, angels, demons, lizards..... are you prepared for battle?". As the door opened, the group could see heaven. An endless plain of green grass stretched before them, and they could see a single tree sprouting from the ground. The area beyond the tree was hard to see, for it was obscured by a black fog.


Seth's jaw dropped. "Well, that's different." he said, amazed by what he saw. He unsheathed his claws. "We gotta make this quick before we're poisoned to death, right?" he said as he walked toward the door.


The Lord nodded. “We must be careful. The angels are out there, but we cannot see them. They are probably hiding within the fog so that they may ambush us.” He said as he walked through the shining door. “Proceed with caution.”


Sombra stepped through the door and he looked at Seth."It looks like he is excited. It is his first visit, after all" He muttered to himself, Sombra felt a slight pressure on his eyes and they turned completely black. He looked into the fog and saw thousands of white eyes. "Guys we aren’t alone."


Aden's scales turned a sickly, ichorous black. "Fallen here is right. There's a lot of 'em out there. Get ready for a big fight." He said as Annihilator appeared in his hand.


The Lord held out his hand and the Lava Katana appeared. “We must find God before we do much else.” He said as he readied himself for the oncoming attack.


Seth took a step back. "Aden, Sombra... How can you be so sure? I can't see anything." He squinted, trying to see through the fog. He couldn't even see an inch into it because it was so thick.


"Because you don`t have a spiritual avatar or alternate form yet." Sombra summoned his sword in a cloud of darkness and took a few step forward. He pointed into the fog."Let’s go."


Aden ran forward. "C'mon you guys! You're gonna miss the fight if you keep being so slow!" He smiled, showing his fangs as he jumped into the fog.


The Lord ran forward as well and entered the thick black fog in seconds, but he stopped just inside the fog. He could sense someone just feet away from him. “Let us begin the battle.” He said as he charged forward and swung his blade.


Seth charged forward into the fog and immediately regretted it. He coughed as he felt his life-force being drained away slowly. "Dammit. It's more potent than I thought..." He muttered. He turned around, ready to pounce, when he heard a noise from behind him. "Show yourself, angelic coward!" He called to his opponent.


Sombra spread his bat-like wings and flew above the fog. Some of the angels also flew from the black fog and tried to attack him."Soooo obvious." Sombra slashed at the face of one, punched another in the gut, and kicked the last one in the face. More angels flew at him from the black mist. "Come on, I am the betrayer and you are the worthless servants."


Aden glanced around. He acted as if he did not know his assailants were there until they were right next to him, then turned around and kicked one in the side of the head, snapping his neck. He planted another hard kick to another angel's head, and sliced a third in half vertically. He smiled devilishly as he fought.


The Lord’s blade sunk into the angel, cutting right through the armor. Three more came out of the fog right in front of him.  Before they had a chance to attack him, the Lord raised his hand into the air. “Death’s Sorrow!” he called and large, black spikes burst from the ground and impaled the three, killing them immediately. “Time of Destruction.” He said and a shockwave of black fire radiated from him, killing many more angels.


Seth was forcefully punched in his back, and he turned around right away, biting the angel behind him. His corrosive venom crumbled his armor and then burned his flesh until there was a hole straight through is chest.


"Dark Advocate." A black lighting bolt struck Sombra and his body was set ablaze, He flapped his wings and flew downward like a meteorite. He hit a few angels in the way, destroying them. He created a crater and caused a shockwave that killed a few angels around him after he struck the ground.


Aden scoffed. "Is that all you guys have? I am NOT impressed." He took a wild swing behind him, which hit an angel so hard it dented his helmet and knocked him out. Aden then charged Annihilator with dark energy, turning it into Poisoned Fang. "Time to die!" He yelled, and sent a wave of darkness into the fog, entangling several angels in dark energy and corroding their armor.


The Lord stabbed another angel and kicked him away. “It is time to even the odds. Soul Split!***” Nicodemus Zamoran and Jak the Reaper**** appeared beside the Lord and both ran off. The Lord summoned the Lava Hook Sword and continued to fight, cutting many of the angels in half. Nicodemus summoned the Peace blade and the Mega Pain blade***** and fought against a group of angels that had surrounded him. He decapitated one as he crushed the head of another. He raised his hand. “Demonic Spite!” He said, and the angels imploded, their blood raining down on Nic, yet not landing on him at all. Jak stood still as the angels surrounded him. He raised his hand and Lucifer’s Scythe****** appeared as he smiled. “It is time for the holy ones to die.” He said, his voice cold. The angels looked at each other, fear clear on their faces. Jak then moved as fast as lightning, decapitating the angels. He raised his hand and dark tendrils gripped many others and started to tighten around them, crushing the life from their bodies.


Seth coughed again and turned around as he heard the fluttering of wings. He reached up and felt feathers, then tugged hard, ripping the angel's wings off. The angel gasped and started running, and another one kicked Seth in the back as hard as he could. Seth fell over, but as he fell he wrapped his tail around the angel's leg and pulled him down as well.


Sombra walked towards Seth, and saw the angel on top of Seth."Hey man, I don’t want to think that". Sombra impaled his sword in the angel’s back, and twisted it, immediately killing him.


Aden closed his wings around him and the opened them again. When he did so, his scales were a bright white and shone with a slight rainbow sheen. His wings had bright white feathers on them as well, and his sword glowed with the power of light. "I think this suits me better." He said as he cut another three angels in half.


The Lord clashed his lava blades together and a fireball flew from the angels, incinerating a dozen angels. Nic decapitated two more angels. Then the Mega Pain blade vanished as he held up his hand. “Destructive Force.” He said and multiple small voids opened. From these voids came large fireballs that struck many of the angels, setting them on fire. Jak faded into the shadows, and unseen by all, began killing the angels. “Beware the shadows, for they represent death.” He said, his cold voice echoing throughout the battlefield.


Seth kicked the dead angel off of him. "Shut it, Sombra. You have a really dirty mind." He got up and brushed himself off, then coughed again. "Ugh... It's painful to even breathe... Like a pressure inside my chest that makes me feel like I'm going to burst... We need to do this quickly."


"What, can`t I mock an angel?". Sombra looked at the sky, and saw a bright light. He smirked and pointed his sword to the sky, a little purple orb formed on the sword tip, and Sombra shot it to the sky. The light dropped from the sky before it was struck, it crashed into the ground and the Altissimus Zarael******* appeared.

Part Two ~ The First Altissimus ~ Zarael
Aden turned around and looked at Zarael. "Well, don't we look pleasant today?" He smirked. "Sarcasm, of course." An angel soldier tried to attack him from behind, but he batted him away with his wings. "Your soldiers suck, by the way."


The Lord walked up to the group as Nic vanished in a flash of white lightning and Jak vanished in a flash of black lightning and the Lord’s body glowed momentarily. “It seems that our enemies are recognizing us as a threat if they have sent a high ranking angel to fight us.” He said as his eyes flashed a bright red.


Seth stepped forward. "I'll take him on so you guys can go ahead. He doesn't look so tough." He took a deep breath and sheathed then unsheathed his claws. "C'mon. Let's go."


Sombra walked towards Seth and nodded and his hands started to emit lightning, he punched the grounds and a door appeared."I still know some places around here, good luck Seth." He said as he walked through the door.


Zarael took the large claymore of his back and pointed it at Seth."Come worthless demon, everyone that trusts a demon must be called a demon."


Aden walked to the door and then looked at Seth. "Good luck. He looks like he is a tough one." He then walked through the door as quickly as he could.


The Lord walked up to Seth and leaned in close to whisper in his ear. “Use it when he is in the air.” Seth felt something fall into the pocket of his clothing. The Lord then turned and walked through the door.


Seth cracked his neck, then his knuckles. "C'mon, I don't have all day. Are you gonna stop being a statue and move, or are you gonna just stand there like an idiot?"


"I am gonna crush you demon." Zarael charged at Seth holding his claymore over his shoulder. He slashed at Seth, but missed and hit the ground and cracked it. The sword was too heavy even for him to raise.


Seth took a quick jab at Zarael's face and then kicked him in the chest, sending him flying backwards a few feet. "You're a stout one. You don't move much, do you?"


"Shut up demon." Zarael drew a magic circle with his index finger and three orbs of pure light flew towards Seth."You are a foul one, you don`t think enough do you demon?" He said as he smirked.


Seth waited until the last second to move out of the way. "Foul? You're the foul one! Don't you even recognize the angel that YOU wrongfully expelled? Don't you remember Sombra?"


"What? I did not see Sombra at all." Zarael charged at Seth and tried to hit him with the blunt side of the claymore and succeeded.


Seth flew backwards and hit the ground hard. He got up and pounced on Zarael, baring his fangs. "No you fool! That demon that was with us... HE was Sombra!"


Zarael put his claymore on his shoulder."So you are with a Fallen. Now I must punish you further". Zarael ran again at Seth, this time he tried to tackle him, he thought Me big armor, me tackle demon, demon is a puddle. Perfect plan.


Seth smirked and sidestepped Zarael. He then remembered what the Lord gave him. "Hey big guy! Why don't you try flying? Maybe you'll have a better chance at killing me then."


"Me doesn’t listens to demons." Zarael now was very close to Seth, he chanted a few words in a strange language."Em toh Zaram." Large spikes made of white energy grew from his armor.


Seth moved out of the way just in time to avoid most of the spikes, but a few still caught him and tore his skin. "Fancy light show. Try something different now."


"Grrrrrrr." Zarael flew high into the sky, and dived at to Seth, using his wings to propel him."You are going to be a puddle now."


Seth took a step back and took the whatever-the-hell out of his pocket, seeing that it was a coin. He held it up and it shone brightly as he started to levitate. He floated out of the way of Zarael just in time.


Zarael struck the ground hard, and heard several things brake."Owww, how could I, and Altissimus, have been defeated by a single demon." Zarael picked rocks up from the ground and started to throw them at Seth.


Seth grabbed one of the rocks and chucked it back at Zarael's head, trying not to kill him. "He's not actually evil... He's just being influenced by the wrong crowd." He muttered.


"If I don’t kill you, then I will kill us both". With the last of his strength Zarael stood up and embraced Seth, as his body started to gather light he muttered something to Seth."Me and you will become ashes."


Seth gritted his teeth. "Not happening." He bit Zarael's arms, his venom corroding Zarael's arms off and ran away as fast as he could.


Zarael started to chase Seth. He jumped towards him and he exploded, releasing pure light in the form of a shockwave.


Seth closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable. Use the coin, Seth. A voice in his head said. Crush it. Seth gripped the coin tightly in his hands and crushed it into a fine powder. A shadowy barrier formed around him, and he heard a muffled "thud" as the force of the explosion struck. After that, it melted away like ice. Seth turned to the door and opened it, then walked through to the others. "Sorry... I got held up longer than I should've."


The Lord had been sitting down, the grass around him burned away. His eyes were still glowing white when he turned around to face Seth. “Will you be ok?”


Seth nodded. "I'll be fine. I didn't get hurt too badly. Just a few gashes that'll heal up soon enough." He showed the Lord the biggest one, which was on his arm. "This is gonna scar, though."


Sombra had been waiting for Seth with his arms crossed. He was tapping his foot."WHY THE HELL DID YOU TAKE SO MUCH TIME!?!". Sombra walked  to Seth and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt."Every FREAKING MINUTE I spend here I become a demon faster."


Aden shoved Sombra away from Seth hard. "Shut it, Sombra. Now is NOT the time to be bickering with each other. So quit trying to fight each other and fight the ones who NEED to be fought. Got it?" He said those last two words very forcefully.


The Lord stepped in front of Sombra and stared deep within his eyes. “He was fighting and Altissimus. You, of all people, should know that that isn’t an easy task. Now, we must move on.” The Lord said as he turned around.


"Gah, I should have come alone." Sombra started to walk, muttering some words. Three doors appeared in front of him."I leave the doors open for you. I have come for my revenge, not for saving the world you know." Sombra entered the first door, and it disappeared.


Seth brushed himself off. "What the hell is HIS problem?" He asked angrily, his expression dry.

Part Three ~ The Second Altissimus ~ Ethan
The Lord’s eyes changed to blood red. “He wants revenge. It is best not to stop one who wants revenge. They will fight, no matter what.” He said as he walked toward one of the doors. “Seth, you should rest here so you can heal. If you run into any trouble, use this.” A sword appeared in the Lord’s hands and he threw it into the air. It spun and landed in the ground right beside Seth. The Lord then turned and opened the door. He looked back over his shoulder, his eyes a dark blue, then walked through.


Aden left a small pouch of herbs next to Seth. "They're healing herbs. They work slowly, though." He turned around to the other door, sighed, and walked through. The room beyond was circular, white book shelves lined the walls. On each shelf, hundreds of old, leathery books stood in perfect alignment. It seemed empty. One of the books fell from a shelf on the middle of all, right in front of Aden the 1000 pages long book fell on Aden right foot. Aden sucked in his breath and grabbed his foot. "Goddammit..." He muttered as he looked at his foot, which was bleeding where the book's corner hit it.


The book opened to the middle, and it started to emit a bright light. “You fool you dare to mess with an Altissimus in his own room? I never saw a gecko so stupid." Ethan* appeared in the air with his wings spread wide and shoved a bookshelf over, intending to crush Aden.


Aden cut the shelf in half. "Hardy har har, a gecko. Haven't heard that one before. Don't you recognize high angel number 126?" He asked mockingly.


I actually don`t care about the difference between those below rank 100 and a roach". Ethan landed gracefully on the top of one of the shelves and a cup of tea appeared in his hands."Want some? Why don’t you mix it with some reading of ancient weapons?" Ethan got a book from the shelf, and read it while chanting in an ancient. He pointed to Aden and several weapons flew toward him.


Aden's eyes widened and he just barely moved out of the way. "A roach? Wow, aren't YOU a narcissist today Ethan."


“Want me to compare you to a grasshopper, my little student?" Ethan got another book out and threw the used one at Aden."Why don’t we go to the time of the samurai?" He chanted the same words and two katanas flew at Aden.


Aden moved out of the way of the book, then caught the katanas as they flew past, He threw them back, aiming to impale Ethan. "Japan is boring. Try something newer." He said mockingly.


So you want something newer?" He waved his hand and three books floated in front of him and knocked the katanas away, sending them at the wall. He got another book, chanted the same words as before and a cannon appeared from the pages of the book, and two machinegun started to fire as the cannon did the same.


Aden waved his wings, knocking the bullets away, then he jumped backwards to avoid the cannonball. "Okay, that's fairly new." He said, impressed. "I don't think I've ever seen weapons like that."


“I am getting tired of this." Ethan jumped from the top of the shelf and his armor appeared in a flash of light, his wings folded onto his back and his sword hovered towards him."Let’s get this straight. Me against you, roach. I will leave you in pieces.”


Aden's expression hardened as he summoned Annihilator to his hand. "Rank has nothing to do with skill. That's something I'll have to drive into your thick skull." He smiled wryly. "For such a smart person, you aren't very open minded." He said jokingly.


"If you have sooooo great skill, then why aren`t you an Altissimus, roach?" Ethan blinked and appeared behind Aden, slashing at his back with his sword.


Aden ducked and kicked Ethan's left leg, trying to knock him down. "I'm not an Altissimus because I didn't want to be part of your damn conspiracy against God himself. Remember? I got the offer and turned it down."


Ethan didn’t fall when Aden kicked him."And I am also glad that you turned down the offer. Now, I can catalog your `special attributes´. I have been keeping an eye on you Aden." Ethan kicked Aden and slashed at his back.


Aden grunted as the sword sank into his flesh. "So... You wanna run tests on me? Well, forget it." He turned around quickly and formed a ball of darkness in his hand. "This will keep you from moving..." He muttered as he threw it.


Ethan flapped his wings and flew to the ceiling."But it has to hit first, doesn`t it?" Ethan flapped his wings again and charged at Aden. He spun and aimed a kick at Aden’s head.


Aden was unable to dodge the attack and was sent flying into a bookcase. "Dammit..." He muttered, then got back up and leaped at Ethan, his scales turning black again. "You do NOT mess with me like that, you angelic scum!" He yelled, and spat in Ethan's face.


Ethan charged at Aden and impaled his two swords in Aden’s chest."Never mess with me. Never disrespect me." He yanked the two swords to the side, cutting through Aden’s chest.


Aden grunted and fell onto his knees. "Demons have an ability you angels lack..." He said, his breath uneven. "We can regenerate from fatal wounds." His skin slowly mended together as he continued to breathe raggedly.


Ethan laughed."Yeah, but you can`t heal if you die..". He took another book and chanted the same words. Two machineguns appeared and started to fire at Aden.


Aden's scales turned white as he held his hand up and the bullets stopped in mid air. "Apparently you also don't know that if light is refracted just right, it becomes a solid object harder than diamonds." He smiled. “So, sucks to be you.”


Ethan placed his hand inside the book."But you can`t stop this." Ethan pulled a grenade from the book and threw it at Aden. He then ran and hid himself behind a wall.


Aden's eyes widened. "Oh crap!" He yelled as ran away, his feet sliding the first few steps, but he quickly regained his balance and dropped to the ground, trying to minimize the amount of shrapnel that was going to hit him.


The grenade exploded, destroying everything in the room, causing pieces of wood and paper to fly everywhere. Ethan stepped out from behind the wall and walked towards Aden and put his sword on Aden neck.


Aden coughed. "You going to kill me now?" He said, smiling. "C'mon, go ahead. Kill me, if you can. I remember how much you used to look up to me." He smirked, then jumped up and kicked Ethan in the face.


Ethan laughed."I never knew you. I was just ordered to keep my eye on you, and now I know that you aren’t an angel. You are demonic scum". Ethan slashed at Aden’s neck.


Aden caught Ethan's sword by the blade. He raised up his other hand and wagged his index finger. "Ah ah ah. No swords till the third date." He smirked and tightened his grip, not caring how much it cut him, and threw Ethan away.


Ethan flew toward the wall, but he spun himself around and placed his feet against the wall and then propelled himself away from it. He slashed at Aden’s back with his curved blade.


Aden turned around quickly and clashed his blade with Ethan's. "Stop trying to slash my back. It's cowardly."


Ethan kicked Aden in face, and slashed at Aden chest."This is more fitting for you, SCUM."


Aden took a few steps backwards and rolled his eyes. "Oooooh, "scum". I haven't heard THAT one before." He leaped forward and slashed viciously, trying to gut Ethan.


Ethan grunted as the blade bit into his skin."I think I have a better word to describe you." Ethan punched Aden in the stomach, and spun around to kick Aden’s face.


Aden was sent flying backwards into a wall from the kick. He wiped some blood from his lip and growled. "Fine. Guess I gotta do this." He got up and his body shone with bright light and purple lightning. When the light and lightning stopped, Aden was standing in his hybrid form. The left half of his body was white and pure, and the right half was black and demonic.


Ethan laughed and started to clapping."Great great, I have never seen a hybrid so stereotypical." Ethan got one of his books, and grenades fell to the floor. He then kicked them at Aden and vanished.


Aden snapped his fingers and a wall of darkness appeared around him, surrounding him. "You'll have to do better than that, you little bookworm" He said, trying to get Ethan angry. "Come on! Do better than that!" The multiple grenades detonated, the explosion breaking through Aden’s barrier and sending him into the wall behind him. He fell to the ground and lay unmoving.


Ethan appeared in a flash of light and walked slowly towards Aden’s unmoving body. He stopped beside Aden and muttered something to himself. "This roach is not even worth examination." He then turned around to leave when he felt a searing pain in his back and chest. He looked down to see the blade of Annihilator poking through his armor.


Aden twisted Annihilator and pushed it in farther. "That, you arrogant bastard, is what you get for assuming." He twisted the sword again and then pulled it out. "Three words for you. Good. Frigging. Riddance." Ethan’s body faded away and the library started shaking. The large books started to fly across the room, sending weapons everywhere. Aden's eyes widened and fixed on the door. He started to run, dodging whatever decided to make an attempt on his life. "Ho... Ly... Crap!" After each syllable, another weapon shrieked past him. A grenade landed next to him and he kicked it away as a katana flew past his head. More books started to fly from the shelves, but one peculiar book landed in front of Aden. Aden read the title.


The Death of All: A book of doom for all around Ethan when he dies


The book opened up and machine guns started to fire at Aden. Up in the corner of one of the pages was a number that was slowly counting down from 30. Aden rolled his eyes. "How lovely! Frigging load bearing sonnova-WHOA!" He moved out of the way just in time to dodge a stream of bullets. As he started to run again, a grenade detonated beside him, throwing him towards the door and he fell to the ground, pieces of shrapnel in his back. He strained to get back up, his ears ringing. He started to run again, this time not even bothering to get out of the way of anything. He was relying on pure luck to get out now. Aden risked a glance back at the countdown. It said 10. He locked his jaw, closed his eyes, and ran as fast and as hard as he could. When he got out, he closed the door behind him and dove for cover. The door vanished, but the explosion was heard throughout heaven, causing the ground to shake with the force.


Seth looked up at Aden when the explosion occurred. "What the hell did you do, set off a large bomb?"


Aden walked over to him, a look of annoyance on his face. "You have NO idea.

Part Four ~ The Third Altissimus ~ Azriel
The Lord walked through the door onto a battle field. He glanced around at the decrepit landscape. The grass here was dead and various weapons were strewn across the ground, some of them stained with blood. All was quiet as the Lord walked forward.


Suddenly, an orb of light fell from the sky and struck the battlefield, emitting a flash of light as bright as the sun. When the light faded, Azriel* was standing in the middle of the field. ”What warrior would dare to enter my room?"


The Lord stopped walking and looked at Azriel. “I am the Lord of Weapons. I have come to stop the rebellion of the angels against God.” He said as his eyes started to glow a fierce red.


Azriel raised an eyebrow."I am sorry, Lord of Weapons, but this room has a few rules. One: no one enters without my permission and two: whoever tries to stop the rebellion must die." Azriel raised her sword and pointed it at the Lord.


The Lord held out his hand and the Lava Katana appeared in his hand. “Then both rules are broken already.” The Lord raised his blade. “I will not allow you to overthrow God.”


Azriel charged at the Lord."What, you are going to fight me? Well, ladies first!” She slashed the Lord’s armor and attempted to hit him with her shield.


The Lord swung the katana to meet Azriel’s sword and then jumped back to dodge her shield. “I will show you no mercy.” He said as he charged at her. He jumped and kicked her in the chest, sending her flying back. Azriel jammed her shield into the ground to stop her flight, she put her foot down to give herself momentum and spread her wings, flying forward with her shield's point trained on the Lord's chest. The Lord jumped over her, landing gracefully as he turned to face her again. “Doom’s Despair!” He cried as he raised his hand.


Azriel swung her shield to the left, striking the Lord with the impact of a stampede. However, after that, she found she couldn't move. She grunted as she looked down and saw the shadows that had wrapped themselves around her body. "So, you're using dirty tricks to win? How cowardly." She mocked.


The Lord flew back a few feet, but landed agilely. I fight for one reason only. To protect others. You fight to overthrow God himself, and for that, you must pay.” The Lord then charged at Azriel.


Azriel snapped her fingers and a bright light surrounded her. "What you fail to realize is that shadows only exist where they are stronger than light." The light overpowered the shadowy tendrils and slowly, one by one, they began to wither and break. Azriel pointed her sword forward, waiting for the Lord to run himself through because he was charging at her. "Foolish and predictable..." She muttered.


The Lord heard what Azriel had said and his eyes flash. “That is what they all say.” He said as he transports to behind Azriel, the weapons on the battle field floating in midair temporarily before falling to the ground again. He then slashed at her back. Azriel managed to move in time to save her life, but her back had a huge gash in it. It was almost as if the Lord's sword had ignored the fact that her armor was even there and hit her flesh directly. She grunted and fell, but again jammed her shield into the ground to keep herself from falling. The Lord held his sword at Azriel’s neck. “I give you two choices. Help us end the rebellion against God, and you shall live, or refuse and die honorably.” He said, his eyes slowly changing to a lighter red.


Azriel weighed her options. Kill off the insolent God and keep her honor, or let herself live and lose that honor. "Life before honor..." She muttered.


The Lord lowered the Katana and it vanished in a gout of fire. He was about to say something when suddenly, the two heard a large explosion from elsewhere in heaven. “It sounds as though there may be a problem.” He said and started to head toward the door. He stopped and turned to look at Azriel. “You have a chance to regain your honor. Fight with us, and you will become more than just an Altissimus.” He opened the door and walked through.


Azriel got up and stumbled to the door. "Something more? Like what?" She asked, truly wondering what could possibly be more than what she already was. She walked through the door after the Lord and saw the two others who were standing nearby.


The Lord turned to her. “A goddess of battle.” He said and turned back to look at Aden and Seth. “What was the explosion for?” He asked them.


Aden looked up, a slightly dark expression on his face. "A nuke went off in Ethan's room when I killed him."


Azriel's jaw dropped. "Ethan is dead? By HIS hand?" She said, obviously holding Aden in disdain.


The Lord looked at Azriel. “He is far more powerful than you think.” He then walked toward the area where the door Sombra had gone through vanished. He raised his hand and an aura of light surrounded his hand, growing brighter and brighter until it blinded everyone there. When the light faded, the door was there once again. “We must find Sombra.”

Part Five ~ The Fourth Altissimus ~ Cairnus, Brother of Sombra
The door vanished as Sombra walked through it. He was in a white corridor that stretched on and on. Sombra recognized it as Cairnus’ room "Come here you coward. Don`t try to hide, because I can see your spirit." Sombra eyes turned completely white and he was able to see the traces of energy marked in white left by his brother, yet everything else was black. Sombra started to walk down the corridor. After some time of walking, he eventually reached his brother. Cairnus* was looking at the ground, with his sword impaled in the ground, and his four wings spread wide.


Cairnus raised his head when he heard his brother approach."So you have returned." Cairnus pulled his sword from the floor, and pointed it towards Sombra a cold look upon his face.


Sombra summoned his sword and it appeared in a concentration of darkness. His skin became darker as he charged towards Cairnus."Why did you betray your own brother?”


Cairnus propelled himself back as his brother charged towards him."Because you betrayed ME. You used the powers of our enemy to protect that stupid woman. YOU betrayed your race....... Since that day YOU betrayed your family and everything we stand for, you used the powers of the Dark Lords to defend her." Cairnus made a magic circle with his right hand and rays flew from the circle towards Sombra.


Sombra made a similar circle and black lightning flew from the circle. As the two spells struck each other, they both vanished in small flashes of light. Sombra charged though the storm of rays, intent to attack Cairnus, and slashed his shoulder.


Cairnus used his wing to block the attack and he felt an eerie aura coming from his brother, and a chill went down his spine."So you made yourself that sword? I can feel the deep ties that this weapon has to your soul."


Sombra stopped and held up the blade**."This is the memory of my torment that you caused for me. Here is all my hate, sorrow, blood, the horns of my demon form, but most importantly, my desire to kill you."


Cairnus smirked."But no desire to save others, to stop this rebellion.” Cairnus raised his hand and there was a flash of light. When it faded, Cairnus’ sword was impaled in Sombra’s chest."You are still a fool, brother."


Sombra grunted as the sword pierced his chest. "Actually, that’s part of the deal. If I kill you, no one will have the valor to fight against god." Sombra grabbed his brother’s arm and forced the sword deeper into his chest. and with his other hand he gripped his brother’s neck. Sombra eyes became darker and he used demonic energy to electrify Cairnus.


Cairnus grit his teeth as the electricity passed through his body. He pulled his sword out of Sombra and kicked him in the chest, sending him flying back. Cairnus created another magic circle and there was a flash of light and copies of Cairnus appeared.


Sombra smiled."You are the follower of light, I was the angel of death, but I still have my powers." Sombra body started to emit a purple-black aura as he waved his hand. Multiple miniature sickles appeared and flew towards the copies. Several of the copies vanished in shadows when the sickles struck them. The real Cairnus charged towards Sombra as he changed to his Altissimus form***. He used his bladed wing to attack Sombra, leaving a large gash in his chest. Sombra grunted as blood began to flow from his chess. He took hold of Cairnus, threw him to the floor, and started to punch him. He pulled his sword out, and attempted to impale it in Cairnus’ neck.


Cairnus waved his wings, the metal feathers cutting Sombra and sending him rolling to the left side of the hall. "What the hell?" Cairnus saw that Sombra was still standing, with dark rays pulsing from his body and a dark aura surrounded him. Sombra spread his bat-like wings and they became made of rock, yet Sombra could still fly, his skin grew darker, his hair lengthened, his eyes became completely white, and his sword changed to a more rugged design****.


Cairnus looked at his brother with disgust."So this is the disgusting form your darkness decided to take. It is fitting, an angel slaying a demon, isn’t it?" Cairnus charged towards Sombra, metallic feathers falling from his wings and flying towards Sombra. Sombra jerked his head left, and grunted as he charged at Cairnus, the metallic feathers disintegrating when they struck the strange black rays coming from Sombra. He slashed Cairnus’ chest, leaving a large vertical gash. Cairnus yelled Sombra’s name and slashed his chest, leaving a horizontal wound. He then spun, his metallic feathers leaving cuts in Sombra’s skin. He walked back and made another circle, this time all the feathers in his wings flying towards Sombra.


Sombra continued to charge at Cairnus and one of the feathers struck his leg and caused him to fall, but he used his wings and flew towards Cairnus. His body started to emit the same black rays towards each of the feathers that flew at him. Cairnus grit his teeth. He was growing desperate and threw his sword at Sombra. "Die!" He said as the sword flew from his hand. Sombra flapped his wings harder and dodged the sword easily. He made a magic circle and an orb of darkness surrounded him. As he struck Cairnus, the orb exploded damaging the two. Cairnus suffered some minor damage, but Sombra had been severely weakened, and was lying on the ground.


Cairnus looked at Sombra as his body returned to normal. Cairnus walked towards him and raised his sword to Sombra’s neck, preparing to strike the final blow, but stopped when he heard a massive explosion, "What?" Cairnus looked over his shoulder, then at Sombra’s body again, but this time it wasn’t there. "Wher-".Cairnus started when he felt a sword slide into his back. He looked down to see the blade of Sombra’s sword protruding from his chest, covered in his blood.


Sombra removed the sword and kicked his brother, making him fall to the floor, Sombra walked around his brother’s body picked it up, and impaled the sword though Cairnus’ back again and into his own chest. "Don`t try yelling for help because your allies are probably dead. Don`t fight back for you must rest eternally. Don`t suffer, brother. It is over." Sombra removed the sword, and sat down on the floor, with his knees raised to his chest. "It is over, Cairnus. It is finally over." Sombra held out his sword and pointed the blade at his heart. He brought it forward, intent on piercing his heart and ending his life, but before the blade even touched his skin, the blade cracks and starts to emit a bright light that burned Sombra’s skin. The swords starts to erode, slowly turning to dust in Sombra’s hands, which started to blow around the room and latched onto the walls, turning them black. After a few seconds, the whole hallway was completely black.

Part Six ~ The Departure
Sombra looked at his dead brother and started to feel depressed, and a single tear rolled down his cheek. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see the Lord standing over him. “Are you alright?” He said, concerned.


“What do you think?" Sombra said sarcastically. He decided to remain seated and looked back at his brother.


Seth walked in after the Lord, staying close behind him. "I think you're depressed." He muttered. "I know I would be."


Sombra looked at the group. “It isn’t a good idea to talk to me now. I won’t be able to control myself."I killed him, I got my revenge, but why do I feel so empty inside?  He thought.


Aden put a hand on Sombra's other shoulder. "It's alright. We understand. The loss of a family member is a pain that I'm sure we've all felt." Azriel stood back a ways away, not bothering to comment or even look at the situation unfolding in front of her. She was still bitter over her loss.


Sombra looked at Azriel."So you are still alive.” Sombra stood up, spreading his bat wings, and looking at the now black ceiling."Guys, why do we have to do this, though at the start why did it have to happen? Why did Cairnus start the rebellion and caused me to use dark powers?" The group then heard some light footsteps coming from down the hall, and as they watched, a man with dark skin - like those from the east - and white hair walked up.


The Lord stepped forward as shadows started to cover his body, changing him to Jak the Reaper. “It has been a long time since we saw each other.”


“Indeed it has been a long time". God walked towards Jak and felt the three different souls within Jak’s body. "Jak, you are still brutal as ever, Nicodemus, you have been of great help, and Lord of Weapons, you have protected the universes valiantly, but I still do not know why you do so. There's no need, as whatever happens always eventually corrects itself. Why do you always try to stop what happens?"

Jak looked into God’s eyes. “I am the protector of universes. I do what I was destined to do. I fight for peace and happiness, for innocence and justice. I fight to protect the good and end the evil, for it is what I do.” Jak said.


Aden nodded and stepped forward. "I fight for the same cause. You may not know me in this form, God, but my name should ring a bell. It is Aden."


“I do know you." God took a step towards Aden."I always knew you were special out of all my sons, and I am glad that you have become a great defender."


Seth took a step forward. "He has indeed become a great defender. But there's one thing that he does better." He put a hand on Aden's shoulder and smiled one of his rare friendly smiles. "He's a better friend and ally."


"That is something very good to hear". God said, smiling. He then turned and started to walk towards Sombra.


Sombra didn’t say anything as he stood and walked towards the door that the Lord re-created."You knew that all this was going to happen, didn`t you?" He said, stopping at the door.


God looked at Sombra."Yes. I did know, but I can’t control the choices of my sons, as I cannot stop what you are going to do now."


Sombra opened the door and spread his wings."Then you know that I have no more issues with the beings in this room." Sombra said as he reached the door."Till never."


Aden walked out alongside Sombra. "Well, I bet you're glad you won't have anything to do with heaven anymore. Except for me of course, but we're already friends." He stopped walking for a second. "Right?"


“No. I said that I will have nothing more to do with the people in that room. I got nothing here.” Sombra said as walked through the door.


Seth sighed and looked at Aden, who seemed lost. "He doesn't want anything to do with us, Aden. He doesn't care about us. Never has. He used us to get his revenge. Simple as that. We were played."


Jak placed his hand on Seth’s shoulder. “He needs time to be alone. He has done much, and lost many that he cares about.” He said calmly. He then turned around and walked toward Cairnus’ corpse and held his hand over it. “I, Jak the Reaper, call upon your soul, for death has released it and I must take it.” The body started glowing a bright blue and started to come apart as small orbs of blue light. The small orbs slowly floated to Jak’s hand and vanished, his hand glowing as well, until the corpse was gone. “Our quest here is over. We must now leave.” He said as he lowered his hand and looked at the others.


God looked up. "He never used you. He is angered about his own choices and his own losses". God said. He then clapped his hands and vanished.


Seth sighed. "Yeah, I know. I'm just trying to tell myself otherwise. I don't know why..." he said to no one in particular.

Aden put a hand on Seth's shoulder. "You don't want him to be sad. That's why you're saying that he used us. Because that way he'd be happy."


Jak walked up to the two as fire started to engulf him. “Are you ready to leave yet?” He asked as his black armor reappeared, his red eyes glowing brightly.


Seth had been leaning against the wall, but he pushed and started to walk toward the door, the gashes in his body were healing from the herbs Aden gave him, but slowly. "Then let's go." He said as he stumbled. Aden walked to Seth's side just as Seth lost his balance. He placed Seth's arm on his shoulder and helped walk him out as Azriel followed silently. The four then exited Cairnus’ room.


The Lord raised his hand and a door made of light appeared in front of him. “This will take us back to the Crypts of the Lords.” He said as he opened the door and walked through. Seth again covered his eyes, but for a shorter period this time. He walked through the door and didn't look back.


Aden did the same, but he didn't even close his eyes. He walked into the door slowly and deliberately, looking around one last time. I'll never be here again... He thought as he walked through.


Azriel sighed and looked around. "I never liked this dump anyway..." She muttered as she walked through the door.

Part Seven ~ The New Quest
The group was now in the Crypts of the Lords of Weapons again, but it was darker than before. The door of light vanished and it grew darker still. Suddenly, the group heard a voice from behind them. “So, Nicodemus Zamoran, I see you have obtained the power of the Lord of Weapons. This should make our battle far more enjoyable as I kill you and absorb your soul.”


The Lord turned around to see who the mysterious being* was, and his eyes immediately turned a darker shade of red. “So it is you. This time, I will make sure you stay dead.” He said as he charged at the stranger. He grabbed the man by the neck and they both vanished in a column of fire, leaving the room in darkness once again.



Sombra had been walking though the outskirts of the Kingdom of Driss for some time now when three men appeared in front of him, one armed with daggers, another wielding a sword, and the last one holding a mace. They charged at Sombra, probably attempting to rob him. “You three die today." Sombra said as he  punched the face of sword wielder, grabbed and broke his arm, and then threw him to the ground. The man with the mace tried to hit Sombra, but he rolled to the side, kicked the legs out from under the man, and took his mace to use it to strike the man in the back, breaking his spine.


The man holding the daggers was backing away, fear in his eyes."Please spare my life."


Sombra walked towards him and whispered."You three chose a bad day to mess with me." Sombra said as he thrust his hand in the man’s chest, killing him. Sombra heard someone clapping and quickly removed his hand from the dead man’s chest. He quickly grabbed the man’s daggers and looked to the source of the sound. It was a man completely encased in armor. "Who are you?"


“I am Ziel and I am a demon knight.”



To Be Continued



Prologue Footnotes:
* - Seth
** - Aden
*** - Sombra

Part One Footnotes:
* - The Crypts of the Lord of Weapons - Over the many years since the Lord of Weapons was created, there have been many Lords. Each one lasts for 1000 years until he passes on his powers to the next one and then resides in the Crypts. Nicodemus Zamoran is the last Lord of Weapons, so he does not have the 1000 year limit. The Crypts are a large circular room with doors to individual rooms for the individual Lords. They are blocked off by doors made of red crystals.
** - Altissimus - Elite angels. They are the best of all and there are only four.
*** - Soul Split - The spirits of the Lord of Weapons, Nicodemus Zamoran, and Jak the Reaper reside in the same body. The main spirit is Nicodemus Zamoran, while the Lord of Weapons and Jak the Reaper are both just forms. But if he uses Soul Split, the seperate spirits will have seperate bodies, temporarily.
**** - Jak the Reaper - In the beginning of time, before Lucifer rebelled against God, he asked the Angel of Death to create him a scythe that would be strong enough to reap the soul of any being. But when Lucifer was defeated, God took the scythe away from him and created the being known as Jak the Reaper. Jak roamed universes reaping the souls of powerful beings that died, and one day, he went after Nicodemus Zamoran after he obtained the power of the Lord of Weapons. Nicodemus defeated Jak and now can become Jak the Reaper at will. He has long, black hair. His skin is pale. He is also thin. He wears black clothing. His right eye is black, his left is white, with a scar running from above his left eye, down to his neck.
***** - The Peace Blade and the Mega Pain Blade - Weapons of the Hellslayer Knight<Nicodemus Zamoran>. The Mega-Pain blade can curse anyone with unending pain. The Peace blade counters that curse.
****** - Lucifer's Scythe Images - 1 2 3 4 5
******* - Zarael

Part Three Footnotes:
* - Ethan
** - Annihilator Images - 1 2 3 4 5

Part Four Footnotes:
* - Azriel

Part Five Footnotes:
* - Cairnus
** - Sombra's Sword
*** - Cairnus' Altissimus Form
**** - Sombra's Full Demon Form

Part Seven Footnotes:
* - Mysterious Stranger