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Characters of Nicodemus Zamoran:

Leo, the first Lord of Weapons: Participant in Leo: The Becoming and Leo: The Passing

Name: Leo

Age: 23(Becoming) 1023(Passing

Race: Human

Appearance: Refer to image

Personality: Calm, cares deeply for friends.

Bio: As a young man, his father died in battle, and he aspired to make sure no other father died in battle, causing him to become the greatest warrior in the Kingdom of Bayers. In the battle against the Barbarian King, he died and became the Lord of Weapons, gaining the strength to kill the Barbarian King and save the Kingdom of Bayers.

At the time of Storm's death, Leo passed his powers onto Storm, ending his reign as the Lord of Weapons.
Leo: Click to Enlarge

Hal: Participant in Leo: The Passing

Name: Hal

Race: Human

Gender: Female


Age: 5' 9"

Appearance: Slender, normally wears a sleeveless tank top(dark blue or green), a greyish-silver, fingerless glove on her right hand, and ragged blue jeans, along with some black tennis shoes. She has dirty blonde hair cropped short, and she has brilliant green eyes.

Personality: Preppy, caring, but tough. She gets talkative when excited.

Bio: In the war, she was a techie, as they would say. Years ahead of everyone else, she was able to build weapons from just about anything she could get her hands on. During the war, she lost a leg, and was deemed to never walk again. Using her superior mechanical know-how, she constructed a cybernetic leg.

Nic Henderson: Participant in Mortal ~ Chapters 1, 2, and 3

Name: Nic Henderson aka Nicodemus Zamoran, the Hellsayer Knight reborn

Race: Human

Age: 16, almost 17

Height: 6'11"

Appearance: Refer to picture, also wears a necklace made with a chain. Alternating black and white links, with two dragons intertwined. One white and the other black.

Personality: Calm. He hates bullies. He is kind to most people.

Background: Nic is top of his class in school, a master of all martial arts, and his family is moderately rich. He has a friend named Dylan Thompson, who is known as DT.
Nic Henderson

Nicodemus Zamoran, The Hellslayer Knight: Participant in Random Encounters #1, #3, #4-I, #4-II and The Stories of the Hellslayer Knight ~ Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Name: Nicodemus Zamoran, the Hellslayer Knight

Race: God

Age: ???

Height: 6'11"

Appearance: Tall, thin, slightly muscular, short black hair, slightly pale skin, and eyes that change color with mood. He wears all black clothes with a black cloak.

Personality: Arrogant, respectful, kind to those he cares for, and he hates those who fight for evil.

History: In medival times, a single kingdom was constantly under attack from demons, but none could slay these demons. Every day, the demons would come and slaughter a whole village and no one could stop them. Then one day, a warrior named Nicodemus Zamoran came and fought against the demons, slaying them easily. He used two mystical weapons to do this task. The Peace Blade and the Mega-Pain Blade. From then on, he was labelled the Hellsayer Knight, and he fought for humans from all over the kingdom. One day, during battle, Nicodemus died of mysterious causes. Mages prophesied his return, stating that one day, he would arise again and claim a power that would make him unstoppable. In the 21st century, a young boy named Nic Henderson was born. He On his 17th birthday, he learns he is Nicodemus Zamoran, the Hellslayer Knight re-incarnated and that he is the next and last Lord of Weapons. After he gains the power of the Lord of Weapons, he starts to roam different universes where he comes across Jak the Reaper. Jak tries to kill him and take his soul, for it is one of the most powerful in all the universes, but Nicodemus defeats Jak. Jak then gives his powers to Nicodemus, allowiing Nicodemus to become Jak the Reaper.

The Lord of Weapons: Participan in Random Encounters #2, #3, #4-I, #4-II

Name: The Lord of Weapons

Race: God

Age: He is as old as Time itself

Height: 6'11"

Appearance: Fully encased in completely black armor, his eyes are like small fires, for that is basically what they are. They occasionally change colors, but normally remains red. His true form is basically a being made of fire, and when he releases all his power, he is a being made of white fire and he has wings made of black fire.

Personality: Arrogant, respectful, kind to those he cares for, and he hates those who fight for evil.

History: At the beginning of time, there were three beings created. The Lord of Weapons, Icarus, and Zeron. These three are the 3 Immortals of Nordrid, the most powerful beings in all the universes. We focus upon the Lord of Weapons. The Lord of Weapons transfers his power to an honorable and strong soul of a dead warrior. The first Lord was a dead, yet brave warrior who had sacrificed himself to save others. After 1000, the Lord passes his power to another soul and would then reside in the Crypts of the Lord of Weapons. For one to become a Lord of Weapons, he would have to have died, so each warrior found would not have to leave his old life, for he has already done so with his death. The only Lord of Weapons to not die and become the next Lord of Weapons was Nicodemus Zamoran after he was reborn. He was no exception either, though. Since he had died and been reborn, there was no need of him to die again, so he became the only Lord who had died and also lived before he became the Lord of Weapons, becoming the Last of the Lords. He wields the Lava Katana and the Lava Hook Sword. He is labeled as the Protector of All Universes. As his name suggests, he is the Lord of all weapons. He can create and control any and all weapons ever made, and he can use them better than anyone in existance. He also holds the knowledge of all weapons and is the guardian of one of the most powerful weapons in all the universes. The Apocalypse Blade. He also guards and wields it's brother blade, the Blade of Infiniti, but none know of this one. He is immortal, unable to die. At the end of time, he will join his bretheren Lords in the Crypts and fall into a slumber until time has come again, at which point, he will protect the universes yet again.

Jak the Reaper: Participant in Random Encounters #4-I and #4-II and The Tales of Jak the Reaper ~ Prologue, Chapter 1 and 2

Name: Jak the Reaper

Race: God of Reapers

Age: He is as old as Time itself

Height: 6'11"

Appearance: Tall; skinny; extremely pale,almost white, skin; slightly muscular; long, black hair. His right eye is black. His left eye is completely white. He has a scar that runs from above his left eye down to his chin. He always wears black clothes with a black cloak.

Personality: Arrogant, respectful, kind to those he cares for, and he hates those who fight for evil.

History: At the beginning of time, before Lucifer rebbelled against God, Lucifer asked the Angel of Death to create him a scythe, a scythe so powerful that it could reap the soul of any being. When Lucifer was cast out of heaven for his betrayal, God took the scythe and created a new being. This being was Jak the Reaper. Jak was given the scythe to wield and use. Jak's job was to roam the universes and reap the most powerful of souls. Jak did this for many millenia when he came across Nicodemus Zamoran after he gained the power of the Lord of Weapons. Nicodemus defeated Jak and was presented with his soul. Now, Jak resides in the body of Nicodemus Zamoran. Jak is the only being who can control the Unexcapable Void of Eternal Torment(UVOET). The UVOET is a void that Jak sends beings who cannot be destroyed. When one goes in the Void, only Jak can get them out again. There are countless beings in there, but powerful magic prevents them from knowing of the others that ere there. Only the most powerful of souls would be able to know of the presence of the other banished souls, but nothing more than that.

Thanatos: Participant in Leo: The Becoming

Name: Thanatos

Race: Human

Age: 46

Height: 7'

Appearance: Tall, muscular. Long black hair, wears barbarian armor. Wields a large ax

Personality: Cruel

Bio: As the barbarian king, he makes all the decisions for the barbarian hordes. Him and his people crave power and wish to obtain it, regardless of concequences.

The Demonic Horsemen: Participants in Random Encounters #4-II

Four demons who ride on demonic horses that work for the Black Soul. They consist of Alamut, Irristo, Aristo, and Finsio. Image order: Alamut; Irristo; Aristo; Finsio. Click images to enlarge

Lucas aka The Black Soul: Participant in Random Encounters #4-II

Name: Lucas aka The Black Soul

Age: Since time began

Personality: Cold and cruel. He likes to kill people and turn them into powerful demons.

Bio: Lucas, known as the black soul, was sealed away around the time of Lucifer's fall. Lucifer is Lucas' brother, but Lucas was not an angel at birth. Instead, he was the first demon ever. He was sealed using mystical keys while he was powerless due to Shard, the sword that could absorb his powers. Once the keys were scattered, the sword was broken and scattered with the keys, releasing Lucas' power back to him, but he could not escape his prison.

Serris: Participant in Random Encounters #4-II and the Stories of the Hellslayer Knight ~ Chapter 3

Name: Serris, the Reviver

Age: Unknown

Personality: Cold and cruel, likes to torture his victims emotionally.

Bio: Mortal enemy of Nicodemus Zamoran, the Hellslayer Knight, he is known as Serris the Reviver because whenever he died, he came back, stronger than before.

Abacus: Participant in Random Encounters #4-II

Name: Abacus

Age: Since time began

Personality: Cruel, doesn't take things seriously.

Bio: A fallen angel who had murdered tens of thousands of demons, he now works as a bounty hunter. He is the brother of Zerus, who was a demon.

Zerus: Participant in Random Encounters #4-II

Name: Zerus

Age: Since time began

Personality: Serius and kind, he doesn't want others to get hurt.

Bio: Born a demon, Zerus worked as a bounty hunter on the side of good until his death, which triggered a rebirth. He is now an Altissimus angel. He is the brother of Abacus.

Lucifer: Participant in The Tales of Jak the Reaper ~ Prologue

Name: Lucifer aka Satan aka The Devil
Age: As old as time
Race: Angel --> Demon
Personality: Cruel, greedy, sly, arrogant
History: He was the Archangel of Music in Heaven until he betrayed God and was cast out of Heaven. He is now Satan and resides in Hell as the Devil.

Adrian: Participant in Leo: The passing

Name: Adrian

Age: Unknown

Race: Human/Human Cyborg

Personality: Cruel, heartless, devious, talks in a kind tone with malicious intent

Bio: Found by one of the previous Builders, he was tought all the knowledge of the Builders, but was soon after rejected by his master for performing forbidden experiments. He harbored an anger for all those around him thereafter and sought to become the one thing that all the Builders feared. The Black Cyborg.
Adrian: Click to Enlarge

Characters of DreadnoughtDT:

Ray: Participant in Leo: The Passing

Name: Ray Foroaza

Age: 23 (biologically)

Race: Cybernetically Enhanced Sergal

Gender: Male

Personality: Brash, impulsive, doesn't believe in consequences to the point of being thickheaded sometimes.

Biography: After having been ignored for three years by Rain, the object of his affection, he finally snapped and resorted to raping her, unintentionally siring his son, Storm. He was brutalized by Rain's warrior mother, Dirge, and left for dead. A machinist named Adrian found him, repaired him, and told him that he would live if he killed two targets. One, unknown to Ray, was his son Storm.
Ray: Click to Enlarge

Dirge Silves: Participant in Leo: The Becoming

Name: Dirge Silves
Race: Northern Sergal
Age: 50
Personality: Cold and vicious towards those she considers enemies. While she may seem cold to her friends, she actually cares deeply about them. She's especially caring of her daughter, Rain.
Bio: Dirge was an exceptional student as a youngling, always doing what she was told and quickly rising through the warrior ranks until she bested all the males in her village. She settled down a bit and had a family with her husband, Marshall, raising their single child as a warrior as well. When their child, Rain, hit the age of 18, she was raped and Dirge blamed herself for not being there to help her. She did, however, brutally attack and almost murder the rapist, driving him out of the village for good. She now helps Rain take care of her bastard child, Storm, while still keeping a close eye on her village.

Rain Silves: Participant in Leo: The Becoming and Leo: The Passing

 Rain Silves
Race: Northern Sergal
Age: 28
Personality: A brutal and vicious battle happy warrior, but also one who would take her own life twice over if it saved one of her friends in return. She cares for her son Storm with all her heart.
Bio: Born to her warrior mother Dirge and her husband Marshall, Rain was raised as a warrior. However, before her ten year training period could be completed, she was raped by a jealous ex boyfriend whom she'd dumped a couple days earlier. He caught her off guard and she had no idea what was happening until it was too late. If her mother, Dirge, had not intervened, Rain may have been not only raped, but murdered. She now serves her village as her mother did before her, as a warrior.

Storm Silves: Participant in Leo: The Becoming and Leo: The Passing

Name: Storm Silves
Race: Northern Sergal
Age: 10
Personality: Happy and carefree, and very generous to his friends. He is, however, soft spoken, and this makes him seem a bit cold to those who don't know him.
Bio: The bastard child of Rain, he was raised with the utmost care. He took a liking to gossip, and if you needed to know the what's what and the who's who, he'd know. Now, as he's hit ten years of age, he has begun his warrior training under his mother and grandmother's supervision. He shows great promise in the areas of stealth and exploration.
Rain and Storm

Alexander "Alex" Delrante: Participant in The Tales of Jak the Reaper ~ Chapter 1 and 2

Alexander "Alex" Delrante
Age: 2439
Race: Bipedal Dragon
Height: 8'9"
Appearance: Refer to picture
Personality: Alex enjoys people's fear, and loves it even more when people fear him. He absolutely hates anything stronger than him, and won't hesitate to let the world know. While he seems like a total asshole on the outside, he is merely an injured soul with no idea of how to put his mark on history. If he spends enough time with people, he begins to feel attached and loyal to them.
Biography: Alex has led a rough life. He was the accidental result of a one night stand between two dragons, Alerante (the father), and Zeveranna (the mother). Shortly after his birth, Zeveranna left, leaving Alex all alone with Alerante. His father was loathing and hateful, and this rubbed off on Alex. He began to enjoy hurting people, and he found pleasure by destroying things. However, one day, his own father decided he'd had enough and tried to kill him. The tables turned, and Alex instead killed his father. Horrified by the fact that he had to kill his own father, no matter how much he hated him, Alex left to an abandoned temple. It was there that he grew bitter, and hateful of the outside world.

Zeroth: Participant in The Tales of Jak the Reaper ~ Chapter 1

Name: Zeroth
Age: Unknown
Race: Ing (means "terror")
Personality: Evil in it's purest form, but he tends to run his mouth and reveal too much all at once.
Biography: Born after a cosmic cataclysm that split a planet into two dimensions, one light, one dark. The light world was overrun by the five Ing, and became corrupted. Zeroth and his brothers then looked to the stars for more victims, and destroyed many planets. Then they set their sights on Kesh, the desert planet.
However, due to Kesh's binary sun system, it was in a perpetual state of high noon. The Ing loathe light, as it burns them alive. Therefore, the five Ing, Zeroth included, had to seclude themselves away to protect themselves. The only Ing able to withstand light for an extended duration is the father of all Ing, the Emperor Ing.

Coronus: Participant in The Tales of Jak the Reaper ~ Prologue, Chapter 1 and 2

Name: Coronus
Age: Biologically 18, Chronologically uncountable.
Race: Lesser Angel (Applaud)
Personality: Always ready to pick a fight, and even more ready to protect the innocent. He feels a strong sense of attachment to his brother, who was killed at nearly the same time he had died himself.
Background: Along with Ithavol, Coronus was killed by demons on the same hour of the same day, along with the rest of his village. He and his brother were given a second chance, and served God, assisting in the takedown of Lucifer. Now Coronus serves God in a different manner, by keeping a close eye on Jak the Reaper, God's angel of darkness.


Michael: Participant in The Tales of Jak the Reaper ~ Prologue

Name: Michael
Age: Old as time
Race: Angel
Personality: Arrogant, likes a challenge, good at heart
History: He is the Archangel of Death. Forger of Lucifer's Scythe

Lance Kiba: Participant in Mortal ~ Chapter 3

Name: Lance Kiba
Age: 15
Race: Wolf-Human-Demon
Personality: Really nice to his friends, and scared of most everyone else. He hates fighting, almost to a fault.
Bio: After being born to DT's parents, they locked him away in their. He was told that the only reason he was sealed away was because of the way he looked, and this made him grow afraid of people. DT and him still talk on a regular basis, but Lance refuses to look at DT for fear that he'd become depressed because of his "perfect" brother.

Lance Kiba

Ithavol: Participant in The Stories of the Hellslayer Knight ~ Chapter 2

Name: Ithavol

Age: 2500

Race: Angel

Personality: Exceptionally pure, even for angels. He believes that everyone, except those most vile, deserve a second chance. He holds his friends very close to his heart.

History: He was once human, like most angels, but was killed in battle with demons. He was given a second chance in the form of an angel, and fights against the darkness. His second chance looms in the back of his mind, and he remembers rain fondly, for it rained just before his rebirth.

Dylan Thompson (DT): Participant in Mortal ~ Chapters 1, 2, 3

 Name: Dylan Thompson (DT)

Age: 15

Personality: Light-hearted and carefree, except in the most trying of times. He prefers to take things slow, and doesn't like rushed or obvious plans.

Bio: His parents moved into Nic's town when he was six. They met a few days afterwords, and became instant friends. Now there's almost nothing they don't do together.
Dylan Thompson: Click for wolf form

Seth Roman: Participant in Random Encounter #4-I, #4-II

Name: Seth Roman

Race: Snake-Human

Age: 15

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 250 lbs

Physical Appearance: He looks mostly human, but he has scales and has a lizard-like head.

Abilities: Whatever he bites turns black and brittle, including both organic and inorganic tissue.

Personality: Cold and distant. He prefers to work alone.

Background: Originally a young boy, he was turned into the very thing he despised by a decision of the Circle of Nine, the high council of his village. He had caused trouble for the village for far too long, so they called upon the gods to torture him. "What better way to torture you," the gods said, "By turning you into the very thing you loathe so much?"

He forever turned his back on his village after that, opting to find a new home, somewhere that he'd be accepted. He did. A small, fledgling village called "Graystone". It was there that "The Turned" stayed, and Seth was soon accepted as part of the community.

However... Not all good things last. The Circle of Nine denounced this village as treason and burned it to the ground, leaving Seth and his lover, Mary, another snake-human, as the only survivors.

Seth Roman


Aden: Participant in Random Encounter #4-I, #4-II

Name: Aden

Species: Angel-Demon Hybrid

Age: ??? (possibly since the universe began)

Physical Description: Tall and lean, wears dark red armor and has red scales with pupilless green eyes.

Personality: He is kind and caring, always ready to help, and he never fails to lighten a situation. The ideal friend.

Background: Not much is known about him. All that is known is that he serves whoever he chooses as a guardian angel, and he's chosen the Lord of Weapons.



Azriel: Participant in Random Encounter #4-I, #4-II

Name: Azriel

Race: Altissimus Angel

Age: 1000 years

Height: 6' 5"

Description: Tall and very voluptuous woman, with long yellow hair

Personality: Calm when she is quiet, but dont try to get her angry because she will fight. She uses strategy and strength to win.

History: The elder of the Altissimus, she has been a member since the first Altissimus order. Claiming great powers, she is one of the most powerful being of that galaxy.



Corbenik: Participant in Random Encounter #2

Name: Corbenik

Species: God

Age: Uncountable

Physical Description: Thin and wiry with blue lines of energy all along his body. His face is featureless except for five
spines that start at the middle and flows back over his head like hair. Due to demonic infestation, he has a large black and red clawed arm coming out of his shoulder.

Personality: Normally nice and carefree, but while possessed he is demonic and vicious.

Background: Unknown. He does not travel outside his personal dimension much, if at all.

Corbenik: Form One and Form Two



Characters of The Crazy Demon:

Kain: Participant in Random Encounter #3, #4-II

Name: Kain

Race: Demi-God

Age: 37

Height: 6'11"

Appearence: Tall and thin, musculare, long white hair, red eyes, wears black pants beneath his armor

Personality: Easy to anger, hard to calm

History: He was a soldier of his town, always trying to defend, but one day, a special kind of enemy attacked their town and destroyed the place where he was fighting. Using a strange spell, his enemy sent him to hell, where Kain was forced to live like a rat. He learned to kill and forgot how to protect, he was a Maximun Gladiator in the Hells Arena, now he is a Ex-Gladiatoria. He was knighted by the demon king as a demon knight.

Kain's Armor


Ethan: Participant in Random Encounter #4-I

Name: Ethan

Race: Altissimus Angel

Age: 954

Height: 6'

Appearance: Tall and thin, he looks to be a library rat, he uses glasses, his skin is white, and wears clothes of a gentleman of the 1920`s

Personality: Very calm except when he is challenged

Background: He reached the Altissimus rank because of his knowlages of ancient styles of fighting, ranging from egipthian to Persian, now much is knowed about him.

Background: He reached the Altissimus rank, by his knowlages in ancient styles of fighting, ranging from Egyptian to Persian. Not much is known about him.



Zarael: Participant in Random Encounter #4-I

Name: Zarael

Race: Altissimus Angel

Age: 761

Height: 7'

Description: Long yellow hair,  wears a very heavy suit of armor

Personality: Angry and dumb

Background: Replaced Sombra as an Altissimus



Sombra: Participant in Random Encounter #4-I, #4-II

Race: Demon
Age: 23
Height: 6 11
Appearence: Refer to picture, wears a green gem on the necklace
Personality: Easy to anger, good with friends, but is deeply depressed
Background: Angel one day, Altissimus one day, and Demon the next day, Sombra was accused of treason and then he was cast out of Heaven, dying slowly on the human world, he recieved the other 'power' to stay alive

Sombra: Normal Form


Sombra: Full Demonic Form


Cairnus: Participant in Random Encounter #4-I

Name: Cairnus

Race: Altissimus Angel

Age: 26

Height: 6'11"

Appearance: Short gold hair, white armor, four wings.

Personality: Calm and collected.

History: Betrayer of his own brother, he betrayed Sombra and will betray even god to change the rules of heaven

Cairnus: Normal Form


Cairnus: Altissimus Form


Abel Delacross: Participant in Random Encounter #4-II

Name: Abel Delacross
Age: 18
Race: Human
Height: 6'10"
Appearence: White platinum hair, caucassican, wears a strange black and gold armor, the gold sometimes changes to red, and has another set of leather armor that he wears below his metallic armor, the leather armor is red and black trim, also his eyes are red.
Personality: Cool, likes to mock of enemy if needed, friendly
Bio: Nothing much

Ziel: Participant in Random Encounter #4-II

Name: Ziel
Race: Human/Trillid
Age: 30
Appearence: Refer to picture
Height: 7'11"
Personality: Mostly quiet, and somethat enjoys other people fun mistakes or situations
Bio: The last Trillid, a race of shapeless demons, though thanks to his human heritage he is able to maintain a form, he is the creator of the infectus