Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons

This page reveals websites related to the Random Encounter stories or the authors of those stories as well as contact information. No one is to know of certain sites and information, so this is a secret page. If you are on it, that means you have permission to get on it and was given the link to it by Nicodemus Zamoran. If not, then GET OFF!!!

The Power of the Destined
The Power of the Destined Website
Zero Comics
Zero Comics

The Destined Inc. Forums

Nicodemus Zamoran's Blog

DreadnoughtDT's Blog

Nicodemus Zamoran's Emails

nicodemus_zamoran@hotmail.com - Main Email

nicodemus.zamoran@yahoo.com - Alternative Email

nicodemuszamoran@gmail.com - Alternative Email

nicodemus._.zamoran@gmx.com - Alternative Email

hellslayerknight@aol.com - Alternate Email

Capax_Infiniti@hotmail.com - Capax Infiniti forums email

fire_and_brimstone_pheonix@hotmail.com - Emergency Email~Only contact using this email if it is an emergency

psellers5538@students.pccua.edu - College Email

DreadnoughtDT's Email

The Crazy Demon's Email

Random Encounters: The Chronicles of the Lord of Weapons