Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons

Authors: Nicodemus Zamoran and DreadnoughtDT

The Stories of the Hellslayer Knight ~ Chapter One

In the Kingdom of Movial lies the village Garnish. After a strange man who had stumbled into the village, wounded greatly, recovers, demonic hordes attack. The man chooses to fight against the demons. Somehow, he was able to kill the demons, even though no one else has ever been able to kill them before, he sets off to ask the gods why he was able to do so.


The path was dusty, every step Nic took sent up a small cloud. As far as he could see to the left and right was nothing but fields of grass with a few tall mountains in the distance. Ahead of him was a large forest, the trees densely packed together. Something was peculiar about the forest. Whenever the clouds would reach a certain point in the forest's center, they seemed to split, as if something wanted to forever remain in the light.

Nic stopped before entering the woods, an ominous feeling coming over him. For a brief second, he felt as if someone was watching him, examining him, and then the feeling passed. He walked forward into the darkness of the trees.

There was a rumbling noise at Nic's feet, and he jumped out of the way as the ground crumbled at that spot. From the hole in the ground came a demon made of squirming vines with no discernible face, but it had a vaguely humanoid shape. It screeched and leaped into the air, extending one of it's arms to attack Nic.

Nic dodged the attack. “So now I gotta fight a vegetable. Had to happen sometime, right?” He muttered to myself.

The demon screeched again and as soon as it hit the ground, it separated into individual vines and burrowed underneath the ground, heading straight for Nic.

Nic jumped up and grabbed a low hanging tree branch and pulled himself up onto it, aiming to take the demon’s element of surprise from him.

The demon leaped out of the ground and extended both arms towards Nic, wrapping it's tendrils around his ankles and pulling him, trying to make him fall to the ground.

Nic grabbed hold of the tree with one hand, stabilizing himself, and reached down to grab the vines. They were surprisingly strong, but Nic managed to tear them away, leaving red welts on his ankles. He jumped from the tree on top of the demons, stomping him into the ground.

The demon burrowed back into the ground and jumped out a good ways away from Nic, with a regenerated arm. It made a repeated hissing that was almost like laughing.

“If I had a sword, I would’ve already cut you down, weed.” Nic said to the demon, then took off running down the path, his feet pounding into the dust. The demon burrowed into the ground again, chasing after Nic at about the same speed he was running. “Damn, this guy is determined to get me.” Nic said to himself. He kept running, jumping over fallen branches and the occasional tree, dust rising from his passing. After some time of running, Nic ran out to a field of light, revealing an extravagant, yet old, temple.

The demon leaped from the ground and at Nic, sharp thorns extended from the ends of its vines, yet as it entered the light, the demons shrieked and started to wither as it fell to the ground. The demon struggled for a bit and fell to dust as it withered. It let out one last pathetic cry just before finally succumbing to the light.

Nic looked down upon the demons body for a second then turned to the temple. The temple was pristine white, seemingly untouched since it had been built. Upon the front of it was an etching of a golden sun and a silver moon, glowing with a soft light. The doors were large, much larger than Nic, and made of the same white stone as the rest of the temple. An ethereal light emanated from all around the structure, calming Nic and giving him a sense of security.

Nic walked to the doors and pushed them open, stepping into the temple. The interior of the temple was just as pristine as the outside. The marble floors and walls were so clean, Nic could see a blurry reflection of himself in them. At the far end of the temple was the same sun and moon etching with a large statue of a man wearing armor and holding a sword twice as large as he was. As Nic walked forward, his footsteps echoed around the room. I wonder how I am supposed to talk to the gods. He thought to himself.

The sun and moon etching glowed brighter and the statue of the warrior turned it's head to look at Nic. "Are you the one who seeks the divine will of the gods, Nicodemus?" The statue said in a loud, booming voice.

“Yeah, I want to speak to them. How do I do it?” Nic asked nonchalantly.

The statue laughed. "You are speaking with one of them right now. Guardius, the god of warriors."

“Ok then. Two question. What is the Heart of the Warriors and why is it that I can kill the demons?” Nic asked casually.

"The Heart of the Warriors is merely a specific type of soul... The type of soul that can destroy demons." The statue said. "It is said one with this soul only comes about once every millennium."

“So since I can kill demons, I have the Soul of the Warriors.” Nic stated, cocking his head to the side.

"That is correct." The statue said, nodding. "But there is something that you are lacking. A pair of swords crafted by the gods themselves... The blades that define the Warrior's Heart."

“I’m guessing that they are also indestructible because I killed one demon and the sword I used melted.” Nic said inquiringly.

The statue laughed again. "Yes, they are quite indestructible. They're made of orihalcum, the strongest metal in all of existence. I will give them to you, but only on one condition."

“And that is?” Nic asked. Always a catch, no matter who it is. There is always a catch. He thought to himself.

The statue looked at Nic's face. "I can see that you're uneasy. But all I ask is that you take an ally with you. One that I have chosen myself. An angel."

“Fine by me.” Nic said, shrugging, his eyes a deep blue.

The statue moved back to it's normal position. "Then it is done." It said, and the etching's glow faded. The space where the etchings were opened up, revealing two blades. "The Mega-Pain Blade, with the power to cause unending pain. And the Peace Blade, with the power to counteract that curse." Said a voice from behind Nic.

Nic turned around to look at who had said that. An inhuman being stood behind Nic, but he didn't look like a demon. Instead, he had a rather holy appearance, with a bird-like head obscured by an armored helmet and no discernible mouth. Two white wings rested, folded upon his back, and his hands had only four fingers. He wore nothing but a white robe with a green, intricate pattern upon it, and he carried a staff with four blades on the end. “I guess you are the angel that Guardius mentioned?” Nic asked.

The angel nodded. "I am indeed the very same. My name is Ithavol."

“Well then, Ithavol,” Nic said as he walked over and picked up the two blades, “shall we be going?”

Ithavol nodded. "This is where the rough spots in your journey begin. Are you sure you're prepared?"

Yes. I am prepared. I have indestructible blades and the ability to kill demons. It won’t be so hard to go through my life now.” Nic said.

Ithavol turned to the temple doors. "Then let us depart for that village... I am meant to give them a message."

“Sure.” Nic said as he walked towards the doors.

Ithavol opened the doors and he immediately turned his head towards the vine-demon's corpse. "Did that one give you trouble?" He asked as he walked out of the temple.

“Yeah. I didn’t have a sword to kill it with, so I ran here, and it just died.” Nic said uninterested in the demon now.

Ithavol walked over to it and examined it. "Even if you did have a sword, it wouldn't have done you any good. These are demons that can only be killed by a god or angel's light. And they cannot feel pain."

“Oh well, it’s dead now. Shall we continue?” Nic asked.

Ithavol nodded. "Yes. I would get out of this forest quickly, too. The corpse of a Viral Vine can attract much more sinister demons." He said as he started on the path, then stopped, waiting for Nic.

Nic walked along the path as well. “So what do I do with these?” He said indicating the swords. “No scabbards.”

Ithavol looked at Nic. "Just wish them to be gone, and they will disappear at your wish."

Nic did so, and the blades vanished. The Mega-Pain blade vanished in a flash of black lightning and the Peace blade vanished in a flash of white light. “Nice.” He said.

Ithavol laughed. "I know. They are quite the convenient weapons."

Nic nodded slightly. “Yes they are.” Nic said, in a low tone. A low rumbling sounded through the ground, indicating that the two warriors weren't alone. “Sounds like the vine demon.” Nic said casually.

Ithavol shook his head. "It is similar, but not the same. It may be a much stronger type of demon..." He said, getting into a combat stance.

Three tall, lanky demons burst from the ground. They looked mostly human, but their limbs seemed to be held to their body with short tentacles, and it had no mouth, only a small wad of tentacles that opened up to scream. All three demons pounced at Nic and Ithavol, their sharp, long claws ready to tear.

Nic grinned and held out to his hands to his sides, summoning the Mega-Pain blade and the Peace blade. “This is gonna be fun.” He said as he slashed at one of the demons, then thrust the Mega-Pain blade into it.

The demon screamed and it's torso burst into fragments, the demon's body parts scurrying around on their tentacles.

Ithavol sliced one in half and it did the same thing. He growled. "Dividers!" He yelled to Nic. "Destroy their heads!"

Nic nodded and turned, then threw the Peace blade at one of the heads that was currently scurrying up a tree. The blade sliced through it and embedded itself in the tree. He turned to face the remaining demon. “Looks like you are the only one left.”

The last demon, smarter than the other two, turned tail and fled into the forest. Ithavol laughed a bit. "Well, I guess we won't have to worry about him. Let's go. I must reach that village and talk to its leader."

The Peace blade and Mega-Pain blade vanished and Nic turned to Ithavol. “That won’t be so easy to do.”

Ithavol cocked his head to the side. "Is there a problem?" He asked.

“Yeah. He’s dead.” Nic said. “I was told he died in battle.”

Ithavol looked away from Nic. "Then that means there's no way to relay the message..." He sighed and looked at Nic. "We should go back anyway. Perhaps seeing an angel may lift the people's spirits."

“Yeah. They’ll probably celebrate. They were awestruck when I killed some demons in the village.” Nic said as he turned to the path and started walking.

Ithavol walked with Nic, looking at the quickly darkening sky. "Looks like rain..." He muttered.

“Yeah. We better hurry or we’ll be drenched by the time we reach the village.” Nic said.

As the two reached the village, the heavy skies started to release their load as it started to rain. “So when we get back to the village, it starts? Well, better now than before.” Nic said.

Ithavol spread his arms and sighed. "Tis fate. But I don't mind the rain. It was what caused my rebirth as an angel, after all."

“Well then, I guess that is good. I guess you’ll go interact with the villagers. I’d like to go get some food and rest.” Nic said as he started to head to the inn.

Ithavol shook his head. "No... I must rest as well. We may be immortal, but we still need sleep." Several villagers turned to look at Nic, and then their eyes fell on Ithavol. Suddenly, many people surrounded him, awed at his presence.

“It doesn’t look like you’ll get that rest then, Ithavol.” Nic said with a slight smile.

Ithavol sighed. "I suppose you're right. You go get some rest. I will... Well, do whatever, I guess." Ithavol moved to under an awning to keep himself from getting soaked to the core. In the corner of his vision, he saw a faint movement, like something slithering. He immediately summoned his staff and motioned to Nic to follow him.

Nic quickly moved to Ithavol’s side as he summoned his swords. “What’s the problem?” He asked, his eyes a deep red.

"Company. They just can't seem to leave us alone..." Ithavol muttered. A sibilant hissing came from the darkness and fog caused by the rain, and a single demon slithered forward. Mostly snake-like with a man's upper torso and arms, but a snake's tail and head. It hissed and summoned a black sword out of nowhere, slowly moving forward towards the two heroes.

Nic walked forward and raised his swords. “Let’s dance.” He said.

The demon cracked its neck and started circling the two. "You are the warrior Nicodemus, correct?" It said darkly.

“It seems like everyone knows my name.” Nic said, turning to keep the demon in his sight.

The demon hissed softly, a frill around its neck unfurling a bit, indicating its anger. "You killed my brother, long ago. I'm sure you remember.”

“I don’t remember anything from before yesterday, so I guess you will have to just refresh my memory.” Nic said as he charged at the demon.

The demon swung his sword, clashing blades with Nic. "You killed him in cold blood when he had done nothing to harm you! You owe him, and by extent me, a blood-debt."

“You’re a demon. If your brother was a demon, then I had reason to kill him.” Nic said as he kicked the demon in the chest and slashed, cutting the demon’s arm off.

The demon roared at Nic. "Like I said, he had done nothing to harm you! You murdered him!" He charged at Nic, but Ithavol stepped in the demon's way, suddenly making the demon cower.

"You will leave." Ithavol said in a dark voice. "And never return."

The demon looked past Ithavol and at Nic. "But he..." It began.

"No buts." Ithavol said. "Leave.”

The demon growled and turned, then burrowed through the ground away from the village. Ithavol turned to Nic. "You need to learn that killing your enemies right away isn't always the right thing to do." He said softly.

“And like I said, if I killed him, I had a reason.” Nic said, his eyes blood red.

Ithavol sighed. "But you know how important family is to certain demons, don't you? Brothers and sisters, especially, are most important. I think it was better to send him on his way and not kill this one." He shook his head. "I just don't like killing intelligent beings, especially when they may not be at fault. I believe that all beings, demon, human, or angel, deserve a second chance unless they are undoubtedly evil and corrupt."

Nic shook his head. “I don’t even know what I have done before, other than kill demons. I don’t remember anything except my name… Well, I guess I’m off to get my rest, finally.” Nic said and turned to the inn.

Ithavol nodded. "I will come with you." He said, following Nic to the inn. "I can probably get a free stay, what with my angelic status and all."

“Yeah, probably.” Nic said as the two walked towards the inn.