Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons

Authors: Nicodemus Zamoran and DreadnoughtDT

The Stories of the Hellslayer Knight ~ Chapter Three

Nic sat up. The day before had been hectic, the battle that he had fought still ran through his head. The townsfolk had been surprised to see Ithavol, and both of them got free rooms in the inn… but Nic felt he should do more. He had only protected the town from one attack. Just a simple battle… Nic shook his head and got up, then went to find Ithavol. Today would be peaceful, or so he hoped.

Ithavol was outside, talking to a pair of children who seemed hellbent on talking him to death. When he saw Nic, Ithavol dismissed the children with a wave of his hand and waited for whatever Nic had to say.

“It seems you are popular today.” Nic said, a slight grin on his face.

"Yes, it does." Ithavol said, a smile in his tone. "The children especially will not leave me alone."

“The children, always so curious or talkative. Gotta respect their charisma.” Nic said.

"Indeed." Ithavol said, his tone thoughtful.

At that moment, the ground started to rumble with the power of marching feet. On the horizon, a great army of Demons walked, led by a strange man, probably demon.

Ithavol grunted as he grabbed for his staff. "They never learn..." He muttered. "No mercy for those who drink from the same blood twice."

Nic nodded. “Let’s see what happens when we ruin their day.” He said, a sly grin on his face as the Peace blade and the Mega-Pain blade appeared in his hands.

Ithavol nodded. "They shall never forget..." He said darkly. "If they survive." He added.

“Shall we meet them half-way?” Nic asked, already walking forward.

Ithavol spread his wings and flew next to Nic, keeping pace with him. "Yes, we shall." He said.

As Nic and Ithavol approached the army of demons, the leader walked forward while his troops stayed behind. “I see we have a challenge. A human, and what’s this? An angel as well! My, the gods must be getting desperate.”

"You're lucky we do not set an army on your heads, mongrels." Ithavol said, waving his staff around.

“Your army wouldn’t stand a chance against us demons. We are near limitless, even when we die. You angels, however, normally become demons at death.” The demons said, grinning.

“And we’ll be here, ready to kill you.” Nic said.

“And who are you, pathetic human, to think that you can slay us?” The demon asked, laughing.

Ithavol growled. "Yet what you forget is that even as demons, most angels fight for good." He looked at Nic. "Prove to them that we are not to be trifled with."

Nic smiled. “With pleasure.” He charged at the demon and slashed with the Peace blade, but the demon dodged, jumping over and back with ease.

“Petty human. Your skill is so… pathetic.” The demon said.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” Nic said, smiling slyly. He jumped forward and attacked with a barrage of slashes. The demon was unable to dodge the sudden attack. The demon staggered back, dark green blood starting to ooze from the wounds.

Ithavol took advantage of the demon's weakened state and thrust his staff into the demon's chest, spinning the blades and shredding his flesh.

The demon grasped the staff and it stopped spinning. “You are strong, but not strong enough.” He said as he yanked the staff from his chest.

Nic stood straight. “It seems that you are stronger than anticipated. Ithavol, shall we strike together.”

Ithavol nodded silently, spinning the blades on his staff once more.

The demon stepped back, drawing his sword. “You shall know my name before your death. I am Serris. None can live against my onslaught.”

“That’s what most demons say to me, and they all died.” Nic said, grinning.

"Or were driven away." Ithavol said, remembering the Naga demon they had fought together.

“I do not fear so easily.” Serris said, his wounds healing quickly.

Ithavol took a sideways glance at Nic. "You think we can beat him?" He said, now feeling slightly subdued.

“Definitely.” Nic said, his voice full of confidence.

"If you're confident in your ability, then I have no doubt." Ithavol said, his voice sounding a bit more confident.

“If the weak human is stronger than the angel, that says something!” Serris said, laughing.

Nic stepped forward. “You’re not as tough as you seem. Let’s go. Let’s see who is the strongest.”

"Enough jesting!" Ithavol said. If he was an Applaud, or an Ardor, he wouldn't have to be afraid. But he was nothing but an Affinity.

Nic looked over his shoulder. “Ithavol, you take the army. I’ll join you shortly.”

"Alright." Ithavol said, flying past Nic and the commander demon and starting to take potshots at the army.

“Now that your guardian angel is gone, you won’t last very long.” Serris said.

“Such a big mouth for such a inactive demon.” Nic retaliated.

“So the human can banter!” Serris exclaimed, laughing.

“If your tongue is as skilled as your fighting, then I am in for a challenge.” Nic said. He suddenly jumped forward and thrust his swords into Serris’ chest, then pulled apart.

Serris fell to his knees. “How…” Was all he could say before he fell to the ground. Nic then charged forward into the army. As he cut through the demons, he caught sight of Ithavol. “Shall we end the battle?”

Ithavol nodded, then thrust his spear into a demons neck and spun it, decapitating him. "Yes, let us finish this."

Nic clashed the blades he held together, and yanked them apart as he charged into the demons. When he did so, a large wave of electricity flew from the blades, killing and stunning quite a few demons in it’s path. “Hm. Electricity. I like it.” He said, smiling, as he killed the stunned demons.

Ithavol slammed the tip of his staff into the ground, sending out a second wave of light that vaporized the rest of the demons.

Nic smiled. “That was fun, wasn’t it?” He asked Ithavol.

"I suppose." Ithavol said, panting a bit. "I'm not particularly used to fighting."

“You’ll get used to it.” Nic said.

“Bravo, bravo. You managed to decimate my entire army within maybe a quarter of an hour.” A voice said, accompanied by a clapping sound, from behind the two.

Ithavol nearly jumped out of his marble skin at the sound of the voice behind him. He turned quickly, and gasped. The first demon they had cut down had apparently come back. Strangely enough, he seemed pleased.

“It seems that the rumors are true. A Hellslayer Knight has come. The last one didn’t live long. I wonder how long it will take you to die.” Serris said.

“I killed you. I saw you fall to the ground, dead.” Nic said, just as surprised as Ithavol.”

“Oh, did I forget to mention that I am the Reviver?” Serris asked, a grin upon his face.

"But... You... I saw you..." Ithavol couldn't even speak. Never before had Ithavol met a creature who could revive himself.

“Surprised? Of course you are. You must be a low ranking angel to have not heard rumors of me.” Serris said arrogantly.

"Just because I am of a low rank does not mean that you can speak with such scorn." Ithavol said in a dark, foreboding tone.

“Ooooo. The angel is angry.” Serris said mockingly. “Your reaction proves to me that you are indeed one of the lowest ranking angels.” Serris turned to walk away. “Next time, tell them to send someone more important.” He said over his shoulder as he started walking forward.

“As if we’re going to let you just leave like that.” Nic said, stepping forward. “Isn’t that right, Ithavol?”

"Of course not." Ithavol said. If he had any teeth to grind, they'd be ground to pegs by now.

Serris stopped and looked over his shoulder, a smile on his face. “Still prepared to fight, even after killing me and my army? My, you are most persistent. Fine, I will humor you.” He turned to face the two again and drew his sword. “Your move.”

"It's a trap..." Ithavol muttered to Nic. No person was stupid enough to allow his opponent to attack openly.

Nic looked at Ithavol. “Just follow my lead.” He whispered, then turned to Serris. “I highly doubt you could ever beat us in the first place. Just remember how easily I killed you!”

“That was just beginner’s luck.” Serris said.

Ithavol realized what Nic was doing and mentally smirked to himself. He leaned against a wall as nonchalantly as he could and glanced sideways at Serris. "Don't be too sure." He said calmly. "I think you're just flat out unskilled."

“I was going easy on you.” Serris said confidently, a slight spark of anger in his eyes.

“Oh, like when you had all those chances to attack us and you didn’t even notice. You were too caught up in your ego.” Nic said, smirking.

"Yes, you were too busy gloating." Ithavol agreed. "You're overconfident, just like any other lowlife demon." He shook his head. "What's next, a monologue?"

Serris’ lips twitched. “Maybe I should teach you a lesson.” He said, taking a step forward. “Maybe I should engrave my name into your bones while your corpses rot.” He took another step forward. “Maybe I should pull your souls into the deepest part of hell and watch you squirm!” He took another step forward.

Nic smirked again. “I doubt you’d even be able to swing that blade of yours, much less defeat both of us.”

"I don't think he'd even be able to swing my staff." Ithavol taunted, swinging his staff around easily. "After all, it's probably too heavy for that twig of a body."

Serris suddenly frowned, his brow furrowed, and his eyes flashed angrily. “Your insolence is tiring. Prepare for a painful death!” He said, charging forward, the blade he held swinging at a blinding speed.

Nic raised one of his swords and blocked the attack, then thrust the other one into Serris’ leg.

Ithavol stabbed the pointed back end of his staff into Serris' sword carrying arm, then twisted it in an attempt to make him drop the weapon.

Serris tried to hang on to his sword, but after a while, couldn’t. It fell from his grasp and he fell to his knees, sending a sharp pain through his leg from where Nic’s blade still pierced.

Nic raised his sword and slashed, decapitating Serris quickly and easily. As his body dropped to the ground, Nic pulled his sword from Serris’ leg and wiped the blood on his clothes. “Maybe next time, you’ll think before you act.” Nic said to the decapitated corpse.

Ithavol looked at the body thoughtfully. "We killed him once, and he came back." He said. "Maybe we should dispose of the corpse."

“Good idea.” Nic said, but even as he spoke, the corpse seemed to melt into shadows, then reform, perfectly healed. 

Serris stood, but slowly and unsteadily. “Bravo, bravo.” He said, slightly out of breath. “You outsmarted me.” He picked up his sword and put it away. “It seems that today, I am defeated. Farewell until next we meet.” Serris turned and walked away, fading into darkness, and vanishing completely.

Nic stood in silence for a moment. “He’s a strange one…”

Ithavol placed his staff along his back and nodded. "Yes... He seems to have some kind of mental instability as well." He said.

“Well… It seems we are done for the day. How about something to drink? I’ll buy you a pint of ale.” Nic said, turning to the town.

"I cannot drink." Ithavol said, gesturing to his mouth, or lack thereof.

“Oh, right. I forgot about that.” Nic said, walking forward. “Maybe one day you’ll change and actually have a mouth. You must want to eat or drink once more, right?”

Ithavol thought a moment. "Maybe." He said. "Truth be told, ever since becoming an angel, I have felt no need to eat and drink."

“I see your point.” Nic said. As they entered town, Nic gestured for Ithavol to wait for a moment and entered the seamstresses shop to pick up his cloak.

Ithavol nodded and stood by the door, waiting patiently for his friend.

Inside the shop, Nic found the young woman behind the counter. “I’m here to pick up my cloak. Is it ready?”

"Yes, it is." The woman said, picking up the cloak and showing it to Nic. "I trust it is to your liking?"

Nic picked the cloak up and examined it. “Amazing…” he breathed. It looked exactly as it should, not a thread out of place. “Thank you. This means a great deal to me.” He said, putting it on.

"Not a problem." The woman said. "It's my specialty to restore such items."

Nic pulled a gold coin from his pocket, something that he had found on the corpse of a demon who had entered the town before, and placed it on the counter. “Here, take it. You did a wonderful job and you deserve it.”

The woman took the coin and smiled at Nic. "Thank you." She said sweetly.

Nic smiled and turned to exit the shop. As he walked for the door, his cloak billowed out behind him, and he felt proud. He couldn’t remember why, but this cloak was important to him, and he cherished it. As he exited, he turned to Ithavol. “Now, I am complete.” He said, smiling.

"It looks good on you." Ithavol said in a friendly tone. "In fact, now that I look at you, you seemed like you were missing something before." He added jokingly.

Nic laughed, the sound light and free, despite the demons that threatened the city constantly, and their encounter with Serris. “That’s how I felt.” Nic started to walk down the street. “Maybe I was destined to wear this… As I was destined to be the Hellslayer Knight, maybe it comes with the perk of this cloak.”

"Maybe." Ithavol said. "But as they say, some questions cannot be answered."

Nic smiled. “And the truth rings clear.”

The End