Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons


At the beginning of time, God created Light and Dark, The Heavens and the Earth, Men and Angels. It was then that time began and the earth began to develop. But with the creation of the good comes the creation of evil as well. One angel amongst the rest was the most powerful. He was the Archangel Lucifer. As time dragged on, he thought of himself as more powerful and beautiful than God, and craved the throne of heaven. He would do anything to gain the throne, even if it led to war.


Lucifer was sitting in his home, the white walls surrounding him empty. He was daydreaming about taking over the throne again. After a few minutes he stood up. “I must gain the throne.” He said to himself, his eyes showing determination. He walked to his door and opened it, looking out upon heaven. The angels seemed to be happy, smiling peacefully as they walked around the grand expense of heaven. None of them where as strong as him. He could tell by just looking at them.

Lucifer scowled as he left his home, walking briskly and keeping quiet as he searched for the Angel of Death. After a while, he found him. “Hello Michael.” He said.

Micheal was seated next to a large tree, enjoying the shade. He looked up at Lucifer. "You look angry. I'd rather you don't look like that in my presence." He said, arrogant as ever.

Lucifer smirked. “Is that anyway to talk to your fellow Archangel?”

Micheal shrugged. "Depends who I'm talking to. But then again, I'm all ears for a conversation. It’s been boring today."

“Well then, maybe a little project would make today interesting.” Lucifer said.

Micheal's face turned dead serious. "What do you mean?" He said in a low tone.

“I would like you to forge me a scythe. The most powerful scythe of all time.” Lucifer replied quietly. “It would be quite the challenge for you, I am sure.”

Micheal scoffed and smiled, serious no more. "A challenge? Feh, I know exactly what to do to make a powerful scythe. But may I ask one thing?"

“Ask. It shouldn’t be too hard to answer.” Lucifer said, smiling slightly.

"What shall you use such a powerful scythe for? Potential war?" He said, confused.

“Yes. You can never be too careful.” Lucifer said, slightly nervous, but not showing it.

Micheal nodded. "A good enough reason. I will see what I can do. Why don't you go have a meal or something? I may be back by then." He walked away, rubbing his hands together in anticipation of the job.

Lucifer smiled slyly as he watched Michael walk off. What a fool. He thought, then left the area, heading back to his home.

As Lucifer walked back to his house, he started to space out, and lose his attention on his surroundings. As he walked, he slammed right into a lesser angel. Lucifer was disgusted by the lesser angels, who looked nothing like humans. Instead, they looked more like humanoid birds with no mouths or facial features, just an elongated head and little clothing, just a helmet and a white robe. The angel he ran into apologized quickly as he got back up.

Lucifer scowled. “Watch where you are going.” He said, his voice venomous.

The angel cowered for a second, stammering. "I-I-I was s-supposed to t-take a message to the L-Lord himself." He said as fast as he could.

“Then you best be going,” Lucifer said, “before I decide to punish you for your insolence. But first, what is your name?”

"Ithavol." The angel said quickly. "My name is Ithavol."

“Then leave, Ithavol. There are a thousand things I could do to punish you, each more torturous than the last.” Lucifer said, a cruel smile appearing on his face.

Another lesser angel, similar to Ithavol, walked up to the two. He was much taller than Ithavol and Lucifer, and wore a dignified blue cloak along with a stylized blue hued helmet. His white wings shone in the bright sun. "Is there a problem you have with my brother, Archangel?" He said in a low tone.

“He wasn’t watching where he was going and ran into me. Of course I have a problem with him.” Lucifer said, his fury rising.

The angel shook his head. "From what I saw, YOU ran into HIM." He said, sure of himself.

Ithavol tugged at the other angel's arm. "Brother, leave him to fume. It's not like you can beat him anyway."

“I would suggest you listen to him, or both of you will be punished.” Lucifer said coldly.

The larger angel sighed. "Fine." He said, obviously feeling defeated for not being able to defend his brother.

Ithavol tugged him away from Lucifer to a nearby tree. "Coronus, you mustn't do that. You could get us both killed. You know how dark Lucifer is, even for an angel."

As the two walked away, Lucifer scowled again. First thing to get rid of will be those pesky lesser angels. He thought to himself. He then continued to walk home, compiling a list in his head of what he would do once he took control of the heavens. The list grew quite long as he reached his home and entered. He went over to a closet and opened it, revealing his sword. “Soon, I won’t even need this rubbish.” He said as he picked it up and started to polish it.

Micheal arrived at Lucifer's home after about half an hour. He came carrying a large scythe, resplendent with large runes on the surface. "The runes are runes of power." He explained as he handed the scythe over. "It has the power to destroy many enemies."

“Marvelous…” Lucifer said breathlessly as he handled the scythe. He could feel the energy surge through it.

Micheal nodded. "It's certainly one of my best works. Hopefully you use it for a good reason."

“Oh most definitely, Michael. You should be rewarded for this craftsmanship, but you already have everything you could possibly want, I suppose.” Lucifer said, staring at the runes.

Micheal smirked. "What about that sword you've been painstakingly polishing? I rather like it's design." He was joking, but his tone said otherwise. He loved to be mysterious that way.

“I won’t need it anymore anyways.” Lucifer said, grinning slyly.

Micheal smiled. "I was just joking. You can keep it." He then turned and left, walking back to his own home.

Lucifer closed and bolted the door, then placed the scythe against the wall. “Such a marvelous weapons… and it shall be God’s downfall.” He then left his home in search of other angels who he would recruit to join him. After some time, he had built up an army and prepped them for battle. “Today, I will become the ruler of Heaven.” He said to himself as the army gathered outside the center of Heaven, where God resided.

Ithavol and Coronus looked from afar on the army, a sense of dread filling both of them. They looked at each other and nodded, running to the center of Heaven, but using a back entrance.

Lucifer stepped forward. “Show yourself, God. It’s time for your reckoning!” He called out as the army of angels grew silent.

Coronus and Ithavol entered the building, bowing before God. "My Lord!" Coronus said quickly. "An army encroaches on your gates!"

God stood up and stepped down from his throne, his white hair glistening, his pale skin flawless. “Rise, Ithavol and Coronus. Tell me, who is the angel responsible for this betrayal?”

Coronus and Ithavol both stood and looked at each other. "From the voice we heard," Ithavol said. "It sounded like Lucifer. Your most trusted Archangel."

“Ah, the ambitions Lucifer. Shall we go and meet him?” God said, then walked towards the exit.

Coronus and Ithavol both nervously followed God, summoning their weapons out of columns of light.

God and the two angels exited the building and faced Lucifer’s army. “Lucifer, why have you strayed from the path of light?” God inquired.

“Because I am more powerful than you. I deserve that throne.” Lucifer said defiantly, holding the scythe Michael made for him in front of him.

Coronus scoffed. "Power means nothing! You are cruel and destructive! I witnessed that firsthand with my brother."

“You have only witnessed a fraction of my power.” Lucifer said in a dark tone. “Today, a new force shall rule Heaven!” As he spoke those words, his army of angels charged forward, battle cries from all around being heard.

Coronus and Ithavol looked at God. "We are going to need more allies." Ithavol said, readying himself for battle.

God turned to the two. “You are all that is needed. Their hearts are impure.” God raised his hand and an aura formed around the two. “I bless you, young ones.” He said, granting the two powers of an Archangel.

The two angels did not change physically, however, they could feel power overflowing them. They both spun their bladed staves around their bodies at extreme speeds, with skill nearly unmatched.

A shining sword appeared in God’s hand, the blade shimmering. He ran forward into the army, killing many that stood in his way.

Ithavol and Coronus both charged forward, spinning their staves around themselves, both skewering other angels and deflecting sword and axe swipes.

As angel after angel fell by the hand of the three, Lucifer walked forward. “Fools. You shall fall before me.” He said, facing Coronus.

Coronus slammed the tip of his staff into the ground, creating a small patch of electricity under Lucifer's feet.

Lucifer dispelled the electricity with a wave of his hand. “You are just a pathetic lesser angel. You have no hope in defeating me.” He said.

As Lucifer faced Coronus, distracted, Ithavol jumped behind him, yelling a death cry as he slashed at Lucifer.

The bladed staff sunk into Lucifer’s back and he cried out in pain, but quickly turned around and grabbed Ithavol by the neck. “You are just as pathetic.” He said, then threw him at Coronus.

Coronus caught Ithavol out of the air and set him down. "Are you okay?" He asked Ithavol, concerned.

"I'm fine. Focus on him!" Ithavol said, pointing at Lucifer.

The blade of the scythe gleamed in the light. “Come on, scum. I don’t have all day to deal with you.” Lucifer said.

Ithavol was about to charge at Lucifer, but Coronus stuck out his arm, barring his younger brother's path. "Coronus!" Ithavol yelled. "This is as much my fight as it is yours."

"No, brother. I'd rather not see you die for a second time." Coronus said softly. He charged forward at Lucifer, his staff swinging wildly.

Lucifer spun the scythe in his hand and knocked Coronus’ staff away, then kicked him in the chest. “Pathetic tactic. You may have power, but you know not how to use it.” Lucifer said mockingly.

Coronus summoned the staff back to his hands and charged forward again, but this time leaping over Lucifer and slashing at his back.

Ithavol looked up at God, frightened. "Do you think he'll win alone?" He said, fearful his brother might die and he'd be forced to watch for a second time.

“Only time will tell.” God said cryptically.

Lucifer jumped forward, avoiding the attack to his back. He quickly spun around to face Coronus again. “Heh, so you’re just going to try different things until you actually do something spectacular? Foolish.”

Coronus clenched his fist and formed a ball of white hot energy, then threw it at Lucifer.

Lucifer deflected the ball, forcing it to fly back at Coronus. “Maybe you should do something other than fight like the pathetic scum of a lesser angel.” Lucifer mocked. However, when Lucifer was finished mocking, he noticed that Coronus had disappeared. Lucifer frowned. “Where are you, scum? Hiding from your impending death, like a coward?”

Coronus burst out of the ground directly underneath Lucifer, sending him off his feet and falling to the ground as several rocks pelted him. Lucifer looked up only to see Coronus heading straight at him from the sky, the blades on the end of his staff spinning wildly. Lucifer jumped up quickly and spun around, then threw the scythe at Coronus. It spun in the air as it flew towards him, then decapitated him. “What a pathetic way to die.” He said as the scythe reappeared in his hand and Coronus’ body fell to the ground.

Ithavol froze when he saw his brother's limp, headless body hit the ground. He felt his heart sink, and he felt like crying. When he saw Lucifer emerge from the cloud of dust, however, the sadness and sorrow turned into anger and rage. The gold aura around him turned a bright red, and he immediately charged at Lucifer at speeds even Lucifer couldn't see.

Lucifer was stunned by the speed of the lesser angel, and he tried to attack Ithavol, but he was too fast.

Ithavol screamed and with the last of his rage, took a huge swipe at the side of Lucifer's head, sending him to the ground.

As Lucifer landed, he looked up at Ithavol. “Impossible. Scum like you can’t defeat me.” He spat.

Ithavol turned to God. "Then maybe he can." He said, his voice growling.

God walked up to Lucifer and placed his sword against his throat. Lucifer closed his eyes and waited for the blow to kill him. It never came. He cracked his eyes and saw God raising his hand, an aura surrounding it. “Lucifer, you have committed a crime above all crimes. You have sinned against me and must pay the price.” The aura also started to surround Lucifer, and the scythe flew from his hand. “You have fallen from grace.” The white aura turned black, causing Lucifer to cry out in pain. Soon, Lucifer was engulfed in darkness, changing into the devil Satan. “You have no place in Heaven.” God pointed at Lucifer, now Satan, and he suddenly flew through the ground, cast out of Heaven and falling to the earth. “You are no longer my son.” He said at last.

After a while, God turned to Ithavol. “Are you alright?” He asked.

Ithavol looked over to Coronus' dead body. "I... I don't think so." He said, his voice cracking.

God looked at the body of Coronus as well, then walked over to him. He crouched over him and placed his hand on Coronus’ chest. “Rise, Coronus. Rise again so that you may live a happy life.” He said and Coronus’ body started to glow.

A bright light engulfed Coronus' body, and when it faded, his body was no longer headless. He groaned softly as he awakened slowly. Ithavol knelt over Coronus' body.

Coronus groaned again and looked at Ithavol. "D... Did we win?" He said, obviously not knowing he even died. Ithavol hugged Coronus tightly.

"Yeah. Yeah we did." He said, glad his brother had come back for a second time.

God turned away from the two and went to pick up the scythe that Lucifer had dropped. “With this scythe, he could reap any soul.” He said to himself.

Ithavol and Coronus both looked at the scythe. "Then it should be sealed away." Ithavol said, obviously not wishing a repeat of today's atrocity.

“There is another use.” He said. He waved his hand and a shadow appeared, and started to take the form of a man. Eventually, it stood as any other man would. He had long black hair, his eyes where black, and the cloak he wore was also black.

If Coronus had a jaw, it would have been on the ground at that moment. Never had he seen God use the powers of darkness, even if he was fully capable of doing so.

“I am Jak the Reaper.” The man said, his voice cold, his tone colder.

God turned to Coronus and Ithavol. “This is a being of light and dark. His soul is good, yet his powers are evil. He is uncorruptable.” He then turned to Jak and held out the scythe for him to take. “You are to wield Lucifer’s Scythe, Jak., and travel to different universes to reap the souls of powerful evils.”

Coronus stood up. "And who is to keep watch on him? You, my lord?"

God smiled as he looked at Coronus. “No, my son. I have duties in this world. Although, due to your loyalty, I grant you the right to watch over him.”

Coronus, for the second time in five minutes, had another jaw-drop moment. Having such an honor bestowed on a lesser angel was absolutely unheard of. "My lord, was your head injured?" Coronus said, concerned.

“No, my son. You and Ithavol have proven yourselves loyal to the end. You deserve this honor. Besides, I am in need of a new Archangel.” He said, looking at Ithavol.

Ithavol bowed. "It would be a great honor, my lord." He said, unbelieving that such a great thing could happen to both him and his brother.

“Rise, Coronus, and be happy. You have done what few angels will have the chance to do. It is I who should be grateful to you.” God said. “Now, Ithavol and I have some things to discuss. I would give you one last day to say goodbye to family and friends here, but Jak would probably leave you behind.”

Coronus nodded. "It shall be done my lord." He turned to Jak. "Well, like it or not, I'm coming with you, then."

Jak looked at Coronus coldly. “I have one rule. Stay out of my way.” He said as shadows started to engulf both of them. “Follow that, and you will live to see your brother again.”

"As you wish." Coronus said as the shadows engulfed him further. Then the two vanished, leaving no trace.

Ithavol looked up at God. "What must we discuss?"

God looked at Ithavol, smiling. “We are to discuss your future in Heaven as an Archangel.”