Random Encounters: The Chronicles Of The Lord Of Weapons

The Universal Protectors

The Universal Protectors is the tale of five different Lords of Weapons, from the Becomings to the Passings. The Becomings: These are the tales of the events leading up to, and directly after, the person becomes the Lord of Weapons. The Passings: These are the tales of the Lords of Weapons passing on their powers to the next in line and going to rest in the Crypts of the Lords of Weapons.

You will only learn of 5, randomly chosen Lords of Weapons, out of the many, many, others.

First: Leo, the very first Lord of Weapons.
Second: *Classified*
Third: *Classified*
Fourth: *Classified*
Fifth: *Classified*

As the stories are written, names will be released.

Leo: The Becoming
Leo: The Passing